Where to sleep in Linares

Sleep in Linares

This locality from Jaén is next to the Cástulo of the Antiquity. It was one of the most prosperous of Andalusia at the end of century XIX because of its mines. This can be  appreciated in its beautiful and functional buildings. Great artists were born here. Besides here is the famous bullring where the bullfighter Manolete dead. In your visit to Linares you ocan not miss the visit to the Casa de los Piedrola, or the Hospital de San José. If you travel during Holy Week, you will be able to observe the cult and the tradition that runs through these lands. If you are planning to sleep in Linares, we recommend a you serie of accommodations so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Dónde dormir en Linares
Plaza de Armas
Dónde dormir en Linares
Santuario Virgen de Linarejos

The offer to sleep in Linares is very scarce, but the few accommodations that Linares has, are of great quality. First of all, we are going to recommend you the 4 star Hotel Santiago. It is located in the center of the town and we like it because it follows very well its old elegant line. The sheets seems to be old but it is because of that style, in fact, the cleanliness of the rooms stands out.

Secondly, we really like the 3 star Hotel Victoria. It is located in the heart of downtown Linares and it has rooms decorated in the same line, with white and violet tones and they are really cozy. The hotel bar offers gastronomy of very good quality and at a very reasonable price.

Dónde dormir en Linares
Hotel Santiago
Dónde dormir en Linares
Hotel Victoria

If you are looking for accommodation in one of the towns near Linares, you could consider visiting Bailén. There you have the Hotel Salvador. It is located on the main street of the town, close to places of interest and well connected to the road. The hotel has well-equipped rooms, not so well decorated, a factor that may be conditioned by the lack of lighting in the rooms, as the windows are a bit small. It has a paddle court and their respective changing rooms. It’s a good place for a couple of nights.

dónde dormir en Bailén
Hotel Salvador

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