Where to sleep in Alcalá la Real

Sleep in Alcalá la Real

This town of Jaén is more than a thousand meters high. One of the main fortress of the Iberian Peninsula protects the beautiful town of Alcalá La Real, which was born in its own skirt, in an environment of olive groves. It is located in a valuable area between the Guadalquivir valley and the Granada plain. On a visit to Alcalá la Real you can not miss the Mayor Abacial Church and the Abacial Palace, as well as La Mota Fortress. If you are planning to sleep in Alcalá la Real, in this page we give you our recommendations.

Interior Iglesia Mayor Abacial
Museo arqueológico

One of the accommodations that we like the most to sleep in Alcalá la Real is the Torrepalma Hotel. It has 38 rooms in an excellent location. The hotel is quite old, so if you aspire to great luxuries, you better choose another option. This establishment has the basics for a good rest, since it is a very quiet hotel. The hotel’s restaurant offers huge meals. Guests usually like its ice creams and toasts.

Another of the ideal places to sleep in Alcalá la Real are the Llave de Granada apartments. They are spacious studios that have a spa area and relaxing pools. There are apartments suitable for 2 or 4 adults, depending on your needs and they are fully renovated. The decoration is somewhat strident, if not tacky, but the importance is in the rest. Breakfast is cheap and it is served in a common room that all the apartments have. There is a cradle available for the client.

dónde dormir en Alcalá la Real
Hotel Torrepalma
dónde dormir en Alcalá la Real
Llave de Granada

If you want to find a good accommodation in the surroundings of Alcalá la Real, we recommend you an accommodation that is in the neighbouring town, but quite far from the center of the town. The Cortijo el Ciego is a very good option if you are looking for a quiet place away from any urban element. The decoration of the house is fabulous. The interior structure of the wooden beams and the stone walls has been preserved. Also, thanks to the furniture and the quilts covers, you’ll want to stay for endless nights. It also has a swimming pool.

Dónde dormir en Alcalá la Real
Cortijo el Ciego

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