Where to sleep in Almonte – El Rocío

Guide to sleep in Almonte-El Rocío

The location of this town is truly enviable, due to the proximity to Doñana Park and Matalascañas beach. In addition, it is known for hosting one of the most important festivities of the south every year. We talk about El Rocío, a colourful and important festivity so colorful that has become very touristic in recent years.

Carrozas típicas de El Rocío
Palacio Acebrone en Doñana

There is not a great accommodation offer in this municipality, although the few ones you can find there, are very demanded by tourists due to their quality and practicality. The best place to spend the night is at the Hotel Camino del Mar. It has a simple decoration, but it is a practical place to spend the night. It is not expensive and you will like the treatment received by its workers, willing to help their guests and make them feel at home.

Another type of accommodation to sleep in El Rocío is the Camino del Mar apartments. The appartment are independent from each other, and they are very well equipped for the price they have. As a special feature, they have a solarium. Our users of social networks have recommended this place because it is so complete, so it will be very difficult for you to find any lack.

dónde dormir en Almonte - El Rocío
Hotel Camino del Mar
Palacio Acebrone en Doñana

If you can not sleep in Almonte, you will have to move a few kilometers to sleep in quality accommodation. In the town of Aznalcázar, you an find the Casa Rural Hacienda Olontigi, located in a very quiet environment close to perfect places to do tourist activities such as golf or hiking.

A little bit closer you can find the Hostal Alcarayón, with very complete rooms and a rustic style. The most crowded area of this accommodation is the living area, with vending machines.

dónde dormir en Almonte - El Rocío
Casa Rural Hacienda Olontigi
dónde dormir en Almonte - El Rocío
Hostal Alcarayón

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