The experience of travelling all-inclusive in Spain

Travelling all-inclusive has become a popular choice for those seeking worry-free, relaxing holidays. There are many different ways of exploring the rich culture and natural landscapes of Spain, and accommodation should not be a source of anxiety, but just another nurturing aspect of the adventure. Hence, today we will book a room at any of the wonderful all-inclusive resorts in Spain, and we will find out why they provide such a unique experience.

The immersive experience of all-inclusive resorts

Iberostar Selection Albufera Playa, a 4-star resort in Mallorca

Iberostar Selection Albufera Playa, a 4-star resort in Mallorca. |

All-inclusive resorts offer much more than a room to sleep in. In fact, they are perfect to indulge in the comfort of all the services they provide. When we arrive at the place, a whole world of possibilities will open up before us. Room service, buffet bars, restaurants and sports and spa facilities only a few steps from the room make it incredibly easy to enjoy all the amenities without worrying about going out in search of a place to eat or grab a drink.

Apart from having all things related to food and drinks within arm’s reach, these resorts grant us spaces for sunbathing and swimming in delightful pools. Many of them lie next to the sea too, so we can choose between the sun-kissed sand and glittering waters of the beautiful Spanish beaches and the pristine swimming pools where one can relax and drink a sweet cocktail. Most of the time, the right answer is both!

Enjoying the surroundings in the most comfortable way

There will always be amazing places to discover near our all-inclusive resort in Spain

There will always be amazing places to discover near our all-inclusive resort in Spain. | Shutterstock

Despite the fact that the all-inclusive resorts of Spain invite us to stay and never leave them, the truth is that there is time to enjoy them and explore the surrounding areas too. After tasting a bit of everything at the breakfast buffet and going for a quick morning dive into the pool, we can plan a delightful day trip to nearby places of interest.

The intricate historical and cultural heritage of Spain can be admired in most of its towns and cities. You will surely find amazing temples, museums and vestiges of Roman or Muslim architecture to travel back in time and unravel the most fascinating chapters of Spain’s history. Besides, there are picturesque towns and villages worth discovering almost everywhere, both inland and resting on the coastline.

Another thing the travellers should definitely experience is the local cuisine of the area. All-inclusive resorts do oftentimes offer a taste of Spanish gastronomy, but in order to fully enjoy the gastronomic experience, it is advisable to find an authentic restaurant that will ensure we savour all the nuances of our visit.

Exploring the impressive mountain landscapes of the Canary Islands

Exploring the impressive mountain landscapes of the Canary Islands. | Shutterstock

For the outdoor cats, it is a must to plan an excursion to explore the stunning natural landscapes of Spain. We suggest finding the nearest natural park, or any majestic mountain range pierced by hiking routes and trails that will make us fall in love even more with the natural wealth of the country.

The best place to come home to

After a day full of adventures, we will head back to our resort with a whole stack of new experiences to share. We can take a relaxing shower, put on fresh clothes and go out for a nice dinner. Most all-inclusive resorts have a vibrant nightlife, so we can probably grab a refreshing drink and enjoy a show, live music or the bustling atmosphere of a bar. Maybe we can spend some time chatting or dancing, if we like to. When slumber calls, our comfortable bed will be waiting for us with clean sheets, and we will peacefully fall asleep thinking “what a nice day”.

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