There are so many reasons to practice hiking, but keeping fit and avoiding physical inactivity are two important reasons. Having a healthy way of life is really important. Besides, you can be in touch with nature in order to breath pure air and to clean your lungs. You can also burn some calories while you chat with some friends. In fact, hiking is more productive if you do it on groups! You can do hiking with you family, your kids, your couple or by your own. Hiking is the perfect sport for everyone, you just need to activate your body. Are you taking the plunge?

Say goodbye to cholesterol

Reducing cholesterol is one of the benefits of practising hiking. This way, bad cholesterol and glucose diminish their levels on the blood system. If you combine hiking with healthy food, it would be easier for you to keep your cholesterol low. Remember, you have to do some stretching before hiking to avoid any injury.

Strong and healthy heart

While you practise hiking your cardiovascular health progresses. Your heart and lungs improve their functions and the tension lowers. This the danger of suffering diseases as the diabetes or vascular diseases lower. Moving your body is activating your heart too!

Extra pounds? No!

If you are trying to remove those extra pounds that have been accumulated in your abdomen and thighs hiking is your best choice. If you practise hiking in a Natural Park, the flora and fauna that you will be able to find during your way will make your sport feel as a simple and dynamic walk. Hiking helps you to burn calories because you are in constant movement. An average weighted person burn around 400 calories per hiking hour. If your route has many slopes you will reduce even more corporal fat.

Good sleeping

Practising sport helps you to fall asleep due to the weariness and the liberation of stress. If you want to sleep placidly you should practise hiking according to your schedule. In addition, hiking helps people to be more positive, as any other physical activity that is realized by desire and with enthusiasm.

Our advice: Go out of the city and of its grey air, forget your daily tasks and relax. Give you a break. We suggest you a couple of Natural Parks where you can practise hiking alone or in group. Some of these parks are available also for dogs, so if you have one, you can go there with it! Do you want spectacular landscapes? Guaranteed! Just look for the nearest Natural Park. You can also prepare a tasty picnic and have it once you have finished your walk. This way you will enjoy the nature and you will rest… so you will return to your daily rutine with more energy!

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