Eating in Cadalso de los Vidrios

Eating in Cadalso de los Vidrios

Located about 80 km southwest of Madrid, it gets its name from the important glass factories that reached their peak during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries in the town. Cadalso de los Vidrios is an ideal option to make a getaway to history and visit the Palace of Villena, Renaissance style, built by Álvaro de Luna in the fifteenth century. Olive trees, vineyards and dry fields finish building the landscape of the town.

Cadalso de los Vidrios stands out in the wine production of the Community of Madrid, with several wineries where you can taste the excellent wines DO Vinos de Madrid.

The bars and restaurants to eat in Cadalso de los Vidrios offer dishes from the ancient gastronomy of the house, and it is easy to find bakeries in the streets that craft traditional sweets such as milk rolls, hornazos, donuts and oil buns.

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The Parador is a bar that enjoys a family atmosphere, where you can enjoy a homemade and abundant meal. Eating at El Parador is the ideal option if you’re looking to satisfy your appetite based on tapas and rations. Their food is excellent and the owners’ treatment is unbeatable.

Eating at Casa Moncho is an ideal option for those looking to eat a menu at an affordable price. Casa Moncho offers Spanish and homemade a la carte food, but we can also opt for the traditional beer tapa combination. The food is of great quality and abundant, ideal to accompany the excellent service of the staff.

Casa Carabias has an ideal terrace in Cadalso de los Vidrios, where you can enjoy good tapas in the sun. It is the oldest restaurant in town, and traditionally they have highlighted their wines, lamb and alioli potatoes.

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Casa Moncho
comer cadalso vidrios parador
El Parador

If we choose to eat at the Rúcola restaurant, we will enjoy a very elaborate meal and an exceptional dish. The sirloin gizzards and toasts are spectacular, and all the homemade dishes have an innovative touch that makes the extensive menu stand out even more.

The Hermitage of Santa Ana has a large dining room decorated in Castilian style, with a variety of dishes on the menu. Especially noteworthy is the lamb roasted in a wood-fired oven and the paired dinners offered in a few days.

If you want to eat in a beautiful restored house with great pleasure, we recommend Hacienda la Coracera, whose restaurant is located in the basement of this historic building. This business offers abundant and good quality rations at an ideal price, always based on the principles of traditional cuisine in the area.

At the grill Asador la Ronda you will find a daily menu with varied dishes ranging from the beans of Ávila to the beef steak. The meat is prepared in the same dining room, ideal to watch the process while we have a glass of wine from the chosen area among the extensive menu offered by the restaurant.

comer cadalso vidrios restaurante rucola
Restaurante Rucola
comer cadalso vidrios ermita santa ana
Ermita de Santa Ana

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