Eating in Logroño

Eating in Logroño

The capital of La Rioja is the meeting point of the wine tourism. Eating in Logroño is always a great choice. The variety of traditional dishes will susprise you if you look for a la carte food or just for a simple tapeo. If you want to enjoy a miniature cooking, the streets Laural and San Juan are the main places in town. Here, we will give you some recommendations of the most popular recipes in town and suggest you a selection of restaurants and bars to eat in Logroño.

Logroño is a gastronomic town. From the most contemporary restaurants to the most traditional ones, passing by the bars of the famous “Senda de los Elefantes”, the cuisine here is a complete catalogue of the gastronomy from La Rioja. The popularity of everything there is to eat in Logroño is well deserved: it was chosen as the Capital of the Spanish Gastronomy in 2012. Any dish of the recipes from La Rioja will be present in the restaurants and bars from Logroño.

embutidos logrono
patatas riojana
vino logrono

With the vegetable garden products many different dishes are prepared, such as the menestra, the potatoes a la riojana, stuffed peppers (with I.G.P Pimiento Riojano), stews made of bud or other legumes… These vegetables are also cooked by themselves, with potatoes and oil D.O.P. Rioja, produced in the city. The cow meat, lamb or pork is usually roasted, grilled or eaten as the traditional embutidos (sausage). Logroño has many different wineries where the wine D.O.Ca Rioja is made, and other types that are the base to the wine local tourism, apart from the Cava with D.O.. One of the main attractions of Logroño are its bars and tapas. The streets of Laurel and San Juan (that together form the “Senda de los Elefantes”) are the places with the biggest concentration of tapas bars. This city is a national reference, and it is especially alive during the celebrations of San Mateo. Eating in Logroño will be a pleasure!

Eating in Logroño is a complete celebration, specially speaking of tapas. As we have said before, the main region to enjoy some tapas is located between the streets Laurel and San Juan, both full of great bars. The Bar Soriano is a great place to eat in Logroño. If you like mushrooms, this is a mandatory stop. Attention! This place is always packed, so we recommend you not to go during their busiest hours.

El 19 is a good restaurant if you are looking for tapas and also from something a la carte. The great variety of pinchos will make you have a hard time when choosing what to eat. The one of elver with ham is our favorite.

Torres Gastrobar is another excellent place. Without a doubt, their best tapa is the pincho de cobe, but the stuffed eggplant and the cod are also delicious.

From Blanco y Negro we recommend the famous goat cheese pie with ham and raspberry; from Juan y Pínchame the popular brochette with shrimp and pineapple. Tastavin has one of the most attractive counters in San Juan. Finally, we must not forget about Los Rotos, one of the classics of the town.

El 19
El 19
Blanco y Negro
Blanco y Negro

There are a lot of places to eat in Logroño. One of the best restaurants in town is El 19. It is pecialized in traditional food made with quality products.

La Galería is a restaurant that makes a creative cuisine always paying attention to the fresh seasonal products that are locally produced. They have a lot of different wines you can choose, many of them with denomination of origin.

The restaurant Taberna Herrerías is another recommendable place to go to in Logroño due to its attractive seasonal menu that is based on local vegetable garden products. The restaurant has three floors that allow small and big groups to eat in it.

Cachetero is a traditional restaurant where the typical dishes are combined with contemporary touches. It organizes events and gastronomic journeys. The specialty of the restaurant Mesón Egüés are the grilled meats, and the rest of its offer is composed by fish and traditional recipes from La Rioja.

If you are eating in Logroño, we recommend you La Cocina de Ramón because it is one of the most popular places. Here, many classic recipes are cooked, but some other innovative touches are usually added to the presentation of the dishes. They have many different menus and they also participate in several gastronomic journeys.

If you are looking for a place that is specialized in the organization of banquets for wedding and other similar events, the restaurant Delicatto is the perfect place for you.

La Cocina de Ramon
La Cocina de Ramón
Restaurante Meson Egues
Restaurante Mesón Egüés

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