Eating in Portomarín

Eating in Portomarín

Eating in Portomarín is like sampling all of Lugo’s cuisine. Although there are products specific to the area, in general it shares many dishes with other towns. The options for where to eat in Portomarin are enough to enjoy the cuisine it offers. Don’t forget that most hostels, hotels and inns have a restaurant or dining room where they offer dishes at low prices with quality ingredients.

Portomarín cuisine is no different than the options we can find throughout Lugo. But there are three products that are very important in Portomarín. The main one is moonshine, a liquor obtained from grapes after fermentation. In the past, it was a drink for the lower class, but today it is a wine valued both in Galicia and the rest of the country. It is so important that, coinciding with Resurrection Sunday, they celebrate the Fiesta del Aguardiente where they not only can sample food but also see the entire production process. This moonshine is very important because it is also the main ingredient in the most popular Galician drink: queimada.

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anguilas portomanin
tarta portomanin

Another main product is the eel, used in empanadas, for example. Finally, one of the most typical sweets is the tarta de Portomarín made with flour, eggs, sugar and almonds, very similar to the Tarta de Santiago. In several Portomarin establishments you can also enjoy other typical Galician dishes, like the octopus, meat and sausage.

Bar Pelegrí is perfect for enjoying beers and delicious tapas at a good price. The best? The callos.

comer portomanin bar pelegri
Bar Pelegrí

If you want to escape and get to know a typical restaurant, one of the most well-known is Casa Pérez that serves eel in several dishes. We recommend the empanada and some stewed meat although they also offer other typical Galician recipes, like octopus, as well.

To enjoy other typical dishes like churrasco or Galicia callos, a perfect option is Labrador. They offer traditional cuisine.

comer avila restaurante labrador
Restaurante Labrador

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