Eating in Santiago de Compostela

Eating in Santiago de Compostela

Santiago de Compostela is the worthy capital of Galicia that’s located at the end of the Camino de Santiago. If you’re hiking, congratulations, you have arrived! Now for the most important thing, eating in Santiago de Compostela, which will make for a great end to your journey. If you’re only coming to visit the historical city, we can also recommend places for you to eat in Santiago de Compostela.

Meeting point for hikers and tourists from all around the world, Santiago de Compostela is also a city with a long university tradition, along with which its gastronomic offering is ample and varied.

If you want to know what to eat in Santiago de Compostela, take a stroll through the Mercado de Abastos, currently the second-most visited place in the city after the cathedral, where you will see its star products: fish, seafood, their famous scallops (a symbol of the traveller), Galician veal with I.G.P, pimientos de Padrón, grelos, and their Queso Tetilla with I.G.P., amongst other things. You can also buy directly from the “paisanas” (agricultural women), who still put up their products for sale in the Plaza.

lacon grelos
Mesón Tía María
queso tetilla

Wander the streets searching for something to eat in Santiago de Compostela and you will find classic tapas like pulpo a feira, prepared according to regional tradition, or the very famous empanada filled with zamburiñas or cod. Enjoy some of the flavorful soups or the caldo gallego, prepared with grelos, a typical vegetable of the region, of the traditional sopa de marisco. Like in any Galician city, the tables in Santiago de Compostela are always full of nécoras, crab, lobster, barnacles, and oysters. For dessert, you can order the authentic Tarta de Santiago, a famous product with I.G.P.

In the well-known university city of Santiago de Compostela, there are many places to eat tapas at an economic price.

The Camino de Santiago ends in Santiago de Compostela, but another one also begins…The Ruta París-Dakar! What is it? A tradition with strong university routes that’s only apt for brave travelers. It consists in leaving from the Bar O Paris (Rúa dos Bautizados, 11) and going until arriving at Bar Dakar (Rúa do Franco, 13), passing through all the establishments on the street to drink some wine. There are about 20 people who have successfully completed the journey. We encourage to you to at least stop at those bars to have some tapas, since eating Santiago de Compostela will never disappoint you. And, if you’re interested…We’ll see you at el Dakar!

Another place to eat tapas in Santiago de Compostela is O Negreira O Patata, a classic tavern in the Plaza where your drink is accompanied by some patatas guisadas. If you visit the Mercardo de Abastos, have a snack or order from a menu at 2.0 Abastos.

comer santiago compostela negreira patata
O Negreira O Patata
comer santiago compostela abastos 2.0
Abastos 2.0

There are a wide range of places to eat in Santiago de Compostela, and we have here just a small selection. At Dos Reis, a restaurant in the Parador known as the Hostal de Los Reyes Católicos, you will find creative cuisine.

There is also Carta Enxebre, which serves traditional Galician cuisine and the option of smaller snacks. They serve dishes like: arzúa and tetilla cheeses with quince, empanada of the Parador’s own cook, Galician soup, octopus a feira

If you want to try creative Galician-Japanese fusion cuisine, make a reservation at Casa Marcelo, a restaurant with just one table and a view of the kitchen. At the hotel Pazo de Altamira, a 6-minute walk from Plaza del Obradoiro, you can eat market food that competes with more famous tasting menus in the area.

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