Eating in El Pont de Suert

Eating in El Pont de Suert

Close to the shore of the Noguera Ribagorzana river, where the valley of Barravés and the valleys of Boí, Castanesa and Viu meet, an old bridge is located. It goes from the high mountains to a small village. Eating in Pont de Suert will allow you to try the typical gastronomy from the mountain regions of Catalonia.

El Pont de Suert is the capital of the Pyrenees region of the Alta (High) Ribagorza. the gastronomy here reflects the culinary tradition from the high mountain areas where the economy of the shepherding and the traditional activities keep having a big cultural importance. The cow and lamb meats are the most common, whether they are cooked as calf sirloin, grilled chops or roasted lamb. The pork is the source of numerous embutidos (sausage) that come from his slaughtering. Along the production of embutidos in Pont de Suert, the most famous one is the girella, made with lamb meat and similar to the chiretas from Aragón. Every year, during the month of October, the Fair of la Girella takes place, honoring this food. Another traditional dish when eating in Pont de Suert is the coca with tomato. It is a similar coca to the recapte one, but covered with a tomato sauté, pepper, garlic, oil and parsley. In the surroundings different types of mushrooms and wild fruits are collected. Our favorite one is the raspberry, used to make a marmalade that has become the culinary identity of the village.

mermelada pont suert
patatas con chorizo
ternera alange

If you want to eat tapas in El Pont de Suert go to Can Manolo, a place where many different options are served. It is specialized in tapeo and their chefs prepare delicious meatballs and – our favorite – patatas bravas.

comer pont suert restaurante ca manolo
Restaurante Can Manolo

Our recommendations about where to eat in El Pont de Suert start with a very simple place, without any big ambitions but with a delicious food. It is the restaurant La Pizzería, a place that cooks original and homemade pizzas. According to our travelers community, they are some of the best pizzas they have ever tried. There are more options on the menu. This is the perfect place to go with your kids and have some tasty hamburgers.

In Las Cumbres you will find an extraordinary food, regarding the quality of the product and the quantity and price. We suggest the secreto ibérico and the asparagus with romescu.

Finally, Casa Prades is a restaurant that will delight you due to the great ingredients that are used and the welcoming service. The mushrooms are delicious and the meat, cooked in all sorts of ways, is excellent too.

comer pont suert restaurante casa prades
Restaurante Casa Prades
comer pont suert restaurante cumbres
Restaurante Las Cumbres

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