Eating in Baqueira Beret

Eating in Baqueira Beret

The famous ski resort of Baqueira Beret has become one of the most popular destinations for the lovers of this sport. It is not only open during the winter, as in the summer it is possible to get to many spots of great natural value where mountain activities can be practiced, such as hiking and biking. After all of this, stop in Baqueira Beret in order to get something to eat will be the perfect ending for an amazing trip.

The traditional cuisine of the surroundings of the ski resort has many influences of the Aranesa gastronomy. When eating in Baqueira Beret and its surroundings it is easy to find an offer based on the landscape: the mountains and the proximity to France, a country that influences many recipes and products of the region. The lamb and cow ranching, as well as the pork byproducts and the trout from the rivers of the surroundings, compose the offer of the local gastronomy. The cuisine from the valley of Aran is also famous for the seasonal products such as the mushrooms and all types of berries that are served with many dishes or are used as ingredients for others. One of the biggest products of the local tradition if the famous Olla Aranesa, a stew made with white beans, meat and embutidos (sausage) that can be eating in order to gain strengths after a long day of ski. Regarding the desserts, the valley of Aran has many great sweets such as the crepèths, a recipe similar to the popular French crepes that is a reflection of the contact between the two countries through the frontier. The crema aranesa is a dessert made with yolk, sugar and vanilla, another traditional option to finish your meal in the beautifull village of Baqueira Beret.

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If you wan to to eat in a less formal way in Baqueira Beret or try some tapas and portions after a long morning of ski, we suggest the Antigua Casa Tendenou, a place located close to the cable-car 1500 that has a daily menu, a great carte, tapas, bocadillos and more similar propositions. Delicious!

There are many options of places to eat in Baqueira Beret, starting with the restaurants located close to the ski slopes and continuing with the ones that are placed in the village of Baqueira, as well as in its surroundings.

Ticolet is a nice and welcoming restaurant that serves a simple cuisine of local flavor, always preparing food with the best quality products.

La Pierrade is specialized in grilled meat, a proposition that can be completed with other dishes of a simple and attractive essence.

The major attraction of Tamaro is its fondues of meat and cheese, which are served along with a special menu completely devoted to them. It also has a good carta that can be an interesting option when eating in Baqueira Beret.

The surroundings of the ski resort, such as the village of Arties, can be other places to try if you want to eat close to Baqueira Beret.

comer baqueira beret restaurante ticolet
Restaurante Ticolet
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Restaurante Tamarro

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