Eating in Agramunt

Eating in Agramunt

Located in the north of the region of Urgell, right in the fertile valley of the Sió River, this old scenario of civil wars conserves a beautiful ancient center and is famous for its almond turrón. Come to Agramunt and discover the delights of this amazing place.

Agramunt belongs to the region of Urgell. This place has a simple gastronomy, typical from the meseta areas from Lerida. The autochthonous products that come from activities such as the ranching and the agriculture are the base to the elaboration of different stews such as the Olla Barrejada, made with beans, vegetables and meat. Generally, when eating in Agramunt you will find rice recipes and legumes, which are very popular in the area, but also great hunt meat and calf from the region of the Pyrenees, apart from the classical snails a la llaura.

Agramunt is really famous thanks to one specific product: the turrón. It is made with almonds and hazelnuts, sugar, honey and egg white, and presented in two thin wafers. The Turrón from Agramunt with I.G.P. is the main product of the city and its flavor is the reason why it is sold in every part of the country. Apart from the turrón, you will also find delicious chocolates a la piedra. Both products are the main protagonists of the Fair of the Turrón and the Chocolate a la Piedra, which takes place every year during the month of October.

To finish your meal in Agramunt, complete your gastronomic experience with the great wine products of the region, such as the wines D.O. Costers del Segre and Cataluña.

turron agramunt
arroz horno agramunt
ternera alange

A nice place to eat tapas in Agramunt is Glops, a bar located in the center of the town. During the summer, it has a huge terrace in the square. It is very recommendable to go try a snail tapa, cooked a la llanura or a la formanta. You will love both. They also have tasty bocadillos.

There are many good places to eat in Agramunt. First, Atipic, which is a good option to have lunch or dinner and try something different and original at a great price. The dishes are more original and elaborated than in the rest of the local restaurants. We recommend the desserts, so don’t get too full from your meal! Try their delicious texturas de chocolate.

Another option of a place to eat in Agramunt is the Restaurante-Braseria Dam. It is known for its grilled meat and also because they cook it right in front of their guests, so they can enjoy the taste of a just cooked meat.

Finally, if you want to eat some snails a la llauna, go to La Repesca. Here you will find typical dishes from Agramunt, Traditional food and homemade recipes at a great price.

Comer en Agramunt repesca
Restaurante La Repesca
Comer en Agramunt restaurante atipic
Restaurante Atípic
Comer en Agramunt brasseria dam
Restaurante-Braseria Dam

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