Eating in Tossa de Mar

Eating in Tossa de Mar

Tossa de Mar is a municipality of a strong fishing tradition and touristic orientation, located in the Costa Brava. Between the multiple attractions of this place, the most famous ones are the castle and the quality beaches. Also, eating in Tossa de Mar will enable you to try a delicious Catalan gastronomy.

Eating in Tossa de Mar means getting to know the Mediterranean tradition of the coastal area of Girona. The sea, the fish markets and the harbors of the surroundings are the main sources of the fresh fish and seafood that can be roasted, grilled or cooked as other traditional recipes such as the fish suquet and the maritime rice that are very popular when eating in Tossa de Mar.

One of the most popular recipes of the region is the cim I tomba, a classical fish stew that is strongly connected to the maritime tradition of the village. This recipe used to be cooked on board of the boats during the fishing activity and it is annually celebrated during its gastronomic journeys. From the interior, products such as the meat from the ranching and other specialties like the Catalan embutidos (sausage).

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Tapas del Mar is a great place to eat in Tossa de Mar. The cuisine follows the fundamental essence of the gastronomic tradition of the Costa Brava. We strongly recommend their rice menu and all kinds of products and maritime recipes that you will be able to try through their delicious tapas.

comer tossa mar tapas
Bar Tapas del Mar

The options of places to eat in Tossa de Mar are varied, attractive and have a great quality. Bahia is a restaurant where a delicious food is served, following the traditions of this coastal Catalan area. It has enough space to organize group meals.

Another excellent place to eat in Tossa de Mar is the Cuina de Can Simón, a place that owns a Michelin star. It has a classical menu, with ingredients of great quality and dishes that are extremely well prepared by using some contemporary techniques.

In the ancient part of the village you will find the restaurant Castell Vell, with a cuisine specialized in all types of recipes of local inspiration, made with seasonal products that are produced in the area and have a notable quality.

comer tossa mar cuina can simon
Restaurante La Cuina de Can Simón
comer tossa mar restaurante castell vell
Restaurante Castell Vell
comer tossa mar restaurante bahia
Restaurante Bahía

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