Eating in Sant Joan de Les Abadesses

Eating in Sant Joan de Les Abadesses

The soul of this beautiful village is a legendary monastery located in the valley of Sant Joan, closet o the Ter River, right in the region of Ripollés. Everything there is to eat in Sant Joan comes from the high areas of the Pyrenees, where the agriculture and the ranching have always represented two basic pillars of the local economy.

Sant Joan de les Abadesses is an interesting village located in the heart of the region of Ripollés. The most consumed meats are the calf, lamb, colt, chicken and duck; all of them produced by the local ranching. Some of the breeds, such as the lamb of Ripollés, can only be found in this region, but the quality of these products is extremely high. Delicious embutidos (sausage) are made with pork, such as embutidos, butifarras, salchichones, fuets and bulls. The vegetable gardens of San Joan de les Abadesses are a source of quality products, and the forests of the surroundings enable mushroom’s lovers to find this ingredient. During the month of October the Pumpkin Fair takes place in the town.

crema calabaza

The Bar Centre is a nice place to eat in Sant Joan de Les Abadesses, a simple place to try some original bocadillos. They also have a great tapas offer. The Bar El Poste is another good place, with a broad terrace where guests can get something to eat while enjoying the good weather.

Comer Sant Joan Abadesses bar poste
Bar El Poste
Comer Sant Joan Abadesses bar centre
Bar Centre

There are a lot of good places to eat in Sant Joan de Les Abadesses. First, the restaurant Mas les Feixes, an old and hidden country house where the service is extremely welcoming. The grilled meats are delicious and you should, for sure, try the special cheese with zucchini,

Another option is Mas Repuntxo, where quality is complemented with good prices. It has a big parking and a great calf dish.

Finally, La Teuleria is a restaurant that has different menus, apart from great prices.

Comer Sant Joan Abadesses restaurante teuleria
Restaurante La Teuleria
Comer Sant Joan Abadesses restaurante repuntxo mas feixes
Restaurante Mas Les Feixes
Comer Sant Joan Abadesses restaurante repuntxo
Restaurante Mas Repuntxo

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