Eating in Puigcerdà

Eating in Puigcerdà

The frontier capital of the Baja (Low) Cardanya was, for decades, an heroic liberal bastion of the Carlist Wars that suffered years of violence. Its surroundings, its weather and the attractive artificial lake turned this city into a summer center at the end of the 19th Century. Regarding the gastronomy, eating in Puigcerdà is the perfect choice if you want to taste the local products.

The gastronomy of Puigcerdà is clearly influenced by the weather and the high mountain relief, apart from its condition of frontier city with France. In the local restaurants you will find a variety of regional dishes and autochthonous products such as the calf and duck meat, the artisan embutidos (sausage) and all types of vegetables produced in the local vegetable gardens, between which we recommend the famous black turnip of Talltendre. One of the most popular products of the municipality if the pear of Puigcerdà, which has a green and red color and a juicy meat. This is a sweet fruit that grows in a highly variable climate.

Between the most popular recipes we find the Trinxat, a stew made of potato, cabbage and bacon. This dish has its own celebration during the month of February. Finally, regarding desserts, apart from the many specialties from the village we recommend the Coca de la Cerdaña (with fruit covered in sugar and almonds) and the Pa de Neu de la Cerdanya, a soft bread with a crusty crust covered in chopped almonds. Complete this experience with a tapa of the cheese L’Alt de Ugell y la Cerdanya, a product with D.O.P. that will delight you for sure.

quesos urgell
peras puigcerda
pato villafranca

At the bar Central you will be able to have some delicious tapas and a refreshing drink or a warm coffee, Tap de Suro is one of the best bars to try some excellent food. If you choose this place, eating in Puigcedà will definitely charm you. Apart from a good wine from its broad menu you can also order their tapas and embutidos (sausage). The service is welcoming and the restaurant is nice and warm.

comer puigecerda bar central
Bar Central
comer puigcerda tap suro
Tap de Suro

The Taverna de Call offers delicious food and great prices, with a varied menu of salads, fish and meat. They also have a daily menu. A great place to eat.

If you are looking for an elaborated and homemade food, the restaurant Mossec is a great place. This small but inviting place offers traditional dishes and is located in the center of the town.

El Taller del Gourmet has gluten free products, such as the pizzas. This is a welcoming place to go eat with your family. Sometimes they are slow when serving the dishes.

comer puigcerda taberna call
Taverna del Call
comer puigcerda restaurante mossec
Restaurante Mossec

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