Eating in Peralada

Eating in Peralada

The monumental silhouette of the French castle of Peralada is where, every summer, an important music festival takes place. During the Middle Ages this village has to experience a sad tragedy: the Catalan Almogavars set it on fire in order to win a battle against the French. Nowadays it offers a varied gastronomy where you can taste fish and seafood. Delicious!

The gastronomy of Peralada is follows a classical tradition that turns it into the perfect representative of the cuisine from the region of Ampurdan. Fish and seafood, cooked in multiple ways come from the shores of the region. From, the interior vegetable gardens, fruits and vegetables are used to prepare specialties such as the sanfaina. Some other great ingredients are produced, for example the Apple of Girona with I.G.P..

Regarding the meats, the most consumed ones are the chicken, duck and lamb, the calf and the pork. With the meat of this last one some embutidos (sausage) are made, like the sweet butifarra. Also, in Peralada the wines Empordà and Cava are produced, both with D.O. and perfect to serve with a varied and traditional food. During the month of October the village celebrates the Muestra Gastronomica Empordanesa, one of the biggest culinary events of the region, when the inhabitants try to show the value of the local products and the restaurants from Peralada, a part of advertise them to the world.

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plato peralada
miel peralada

The Café the Centre is an amazing place with a great service. We recommend the Iberics platter, perfect to try the local products, as well as the coca bread. If you want to eat in Peralada we also suggest you to take a look at out “A la carte” section.

comer peralada cafe centre
Café del Centre

The best restaurant to eat in Peralada is Cal Sagristà, with a well decorated dining rooms and a terrace with beautiful views. The combination of the dishes is known for being of great taste and producing excellent results, such as the meatballs with cuttlefish. Find traditional recipes with some innovative touches.

If you like buffets, El Jou Vell is the right place for you. They offer a varied and generous food, made with local products.

Can Pissarres cooks delicious Catalan food, served in a family restaurant. Find great stews, grilled meats, fish and homemade desserts in this welcoming place.

comer peralada restaurante cal sagrista
Restaurante Cal Sagristà
comer peralada buffet jou vell
Buffets El Jou Vell

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