Eating in Pals

Eating in Pals

This small medieval village surrounded by hulls and close to the Costa Brava allows people to get great views of the region of Ampurdan from its viewpoints. The gastronomy of Pals is based on local products; reason why eating here is a synonym of quality.

The city of Pals is famous for its rice. The production of this cereal in the region is documented since the 15th Century, but it was reintroduced at a big scale in the beginning of the 20th Century. Nowadays, it is still one of the main economic engines of the city. The quality of the rice from Pals is well known inside and outside of the municipality. The cultivation of this product is made following the principles of the ecologic compromise, as it is extremely respectful with the landscape. Apart from is, the rice farming is also a touristic attraction. During the months of March and April the Gastronomic Campaign of the Rice from Pals takes place, a moment when it is usual for the local restaurants to cook their own rice a la cazuela.

On the other hand, the gastronomy of Pals is a good example of the cuisine of the Bajo (Low) Ampurdan, where the sea is the source of excellent fish and seafood; the valleys the source of fruit (such as the Apple from Girona, a product with I.G.P.) and vegetables; the mountains are the source of meat, cheese, mushrooms and other wild ingredients. Complete this gastronomic experience with the wine products of the region, such as the D.O. Empordà and the D.O. Cataluña.

arroz plas
carne pals
setas rellenas mieres

The restaurant La Villa is the right place to eat combination dishes and tapas in Pals. They prepare great rice and fried fish. On the other hand, in Patapals you will find different tapas you won’t be able to have in other restaurants, apart from portions and combination dishes.

comer pals restaurante villa
Restaurante La Vila
comer pals bar tapapals
Bar Patapals

A nice restaurant where you can order some delicious dishes: Antic Casino. It is located in the ancient center of the village, inside of a medieval building built by the citizens of Empordà. You will be able to eat in their terrace, for example, the excellent sardine coca.

Vicus offers contemporary Catalan cuisine made with seasonal products. If you come to this restaurant you will enjoy a fulfilling experience. Between their menus we suggest the tasting and the rice ones. If you liked this restaurant, you can also buy coupons and give them as a gift so your friends can eat here.

El Pedró is another amazing option. The Pals rice with lobster and the anchovie torrada will surprise you. This is a charming restaurant where you can sit down to enjoy a delicious wine. They also serve meats such as the roasted lamb shoulder blade.

comer plas restaurante antic casino
Restaurante Antic Casino
comer pals restaurante vicus
Restaurante Vicus

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