Eating in Olot

Eating in Olot

This ancient ecclesiastical domain was  the capital of the Christian art in Catalonia from the last part of the 19th Century until the beginning of the 20th. It also has an incredible legacy of Modernist architecture. If you are looking for an original and different gastronomy, eating in Olot will surprise and delight you. Come with us!

The gastronomy of Olot has its own particular and distinctive characteristics that come from the volcanic region where the city was built upon. Under the denomination of Volcanic Cuisine, many restaurants have developed a gastronomy inspired on the local landscape, using regional products of great quality even though the orographical conditions might seem to be unfavorable. Generally, the cuisine of the area is made with local ingredients such as the potatoes, snails, truffles, chestnuts and turnip, apart from the famous fesols from Santa Pau, a type of white bean that are used in many different stews, served with hunting meats and vegetables.

One of the particularities of the gastronomy from Olot is the production of embutidos (sausage), made with pork or wild boar meat. During the month of February the celebration the the Fair of the Embutido from Olot takes place. The grilled meats are also very common in the region. Regarding the desserts, there are many specialties here such as the carquinyols and the tortel de Olot, a braid made with flour, eggs, anise and sugar. The liquor with I.G.P. Ratafía Catalana is famous in the village, and it is also served during the dessert time in Olot.

plato tipico olot
cocina volcanica olot
tortel olot

If you want to eat tapas in Olot, we recommend the restaurant Umami, a place that serves delicious and highly elaborated tapas and starters. Be prepared to discover an excellent Mediterranean cuisine with oriental touches. Their tuna tataki is amazing.

In El Pas you will be able to eat bocadillos, such as the loin with cheese. A familiar restaurant you will definitely enjoy.

comer olot restaurante umami
Restaurante Umami
comer olot restaurante pas
Restaurante El Pas

If you want to eat a menu or dishes a la carte in Olot, we suggest La Deu, a place that prepares artisan cuisine with seasonal dishes and products. They have a fish and meat menu from which we suggest the salad of green beans as a starter.

Not only a beautiful place, La Quinta Justa also has a terrace and a dining room where they serve a gourmet, quality menu.

One of the best restaurants you can go to in Olot is Ramón, with great dishes such as the pork hands. The desserts are delicious. This is a nice place to get lunch or dinner at.

comer olot restaurante deu
Restaurante La Deu
comer olot restaurante quita justa
Restaurante La Quinta Justa

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