Eating in Cadaqués

Eating in Cadaqués

Located in the peninsula of Cabo de Creus, this beautiful coastal village preserves its traditional look. It is known for having been the home of the painter Salvador Dalí, who attracted many other artists to the town. The gastronomy of Cadaqués has a lot of variety, reason why eating in this village is the perfect option for everyone.

Located a few kilometers away from the Natural Park of Cabo de Crews, the village of Cadaqués is one of the most importan touristic centers of Girona. Its gastronomy is strongly conditioned by the presence of a rocky coast and a harsh sea that give the fish and seafood a particular taste. Species such as the sardine, the grouper, the gilt-head bram, the anchovies, the mussels and the sea urchin are very common in the tables of the restaurants of Cadaqués. The most popular dishes have a strong Mediterranean essence, such as the fish and seafood stews, rice, fideuas and other gastronomic specialties that are very appreciated when eating in Cadaqués.

Regarding the desserts, we recommend the Taps, some small and spongy cakes that started to be prepared during the 18th Century and are occasionally blazed up with rum. Another famous sweet of Cadaqués are the Burilles, thin layers of sugar with anise. For the fruit lovers, this place brings the opportunity of getting to know the delicious Apple of Girona, a product with I.G.P.. The Mediterranean essence of the town can be seen in the production and use of the Oil of L’Empordà. Apart from the wine D.O. Catalonia, in Cadaqués there are many wineries that produce wine with D.O. Empordà, a delicious drink to have with everything there is to eat in Cadaqués.

cadaques marisco
cadaques fideua
cadaques vino

If you are looking for tapas in Cadaqués, this village has many great bars such as the L’Estable, which has a great quality and attractive offer. As for the dessert, we recommend you to try the taps de Cadaqués.

The Bar de Dalt is the perfect place to eat dishes of excellent flavor at a great price, and it is even better if you share some portions. They also have a terrace. One of the best places to enjoy the gastronomy of the region.

comer cadaques bar dalt
Bar de Dalt
comer cadaques lestable

There are many great places to eat in Cadqués. Compartir is one of the most popular restaurants in town thanks to an original proposition of creative cuisine, with the presence of some traditional recipes, thought to be shared in the center of the table or in a less formal ambiance.

Another place you should consider is El Barroco, a restaurant that is directly connected to the image of the painter Dali (who designed its logotype), where it is possible to find a cuisine that responds to an attractive union between the local and the Libanese tradition.

Es Baluard is a place that is located in the old wall of Cadaqués. The cuisine here is traditional, and it is possible to find many different meats, fish, seafood, and all kinds of dishes from regional inspiration.

Es Balconet de Sant Antoni is another greatly valued place, specially thanks to its classic cuisine made with quality ingredients locally produced. It also has a great wine menu with different denominations of origin, as well as a variety of menus.

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