Eating in Blanes

Eating in Blanes

Blanes is considered the beginning of the Costa Brava, it is located in the region of Selva, between the sea and the Sant Joan hill, close to the mouth of the Tordera river. Due to its location, you will be able to eat all kinds of dishes in Blanes, from food from the coast to products from the interior. A very complete gastronomy.

Blanes is the entrance to the Costa Brava, a maritime municipality that has a traditional gastronomy that follows its Mediterranean essence and that has popular products such as the Apple of Girona. Its harbor is the source of fresh fish of great quality that is the base to everything there is to eat in Blanes. Here the fish and seafood stews, the rice, fideua and grilled or roasted fish are the specialties – according to the recipes of the Catalan coast cuisine.

The shrimp of Blanes if one of the products that has most recognition here. All of the recipes that are based on sea products have their own celebration during the Journeys of the Suquet de Peix de Sa Palomera, that take place during the months of June and July. The earth products are greatly appreciated, and some examples are the beans with D.O.P. Mongeta del Ganxet that are used in many stews and soups in the municipality of Blanes. Apart from that, the Cava with D.O is also produced here, and it is perfect to finish any gastronomy journey.

guiso blanes
comer manzanas blanes

The tapas are a great option when choosing what to eat in Blanes, where many good bars exist, such as the Va de Catas, that has an attractive counter with many quality products; or Sa Lola, a bar that serves creative and innovative tapas and is well valued between out travelers community.

comer blanes bar va catas
Bar Va de Catas
comer blanes salola
Bar Sa Lola

Salinas is one of the best options to eat in the municipality of Blanes, as it has a very complete menu with fish, seafood and rice. Delicious rice with lobster and mussels a la marinera. They also have a tasting menu.

The Cocina de La Balma is known for the quality of its products and the attractive elaboration and final presentation. It also has many different menus for different prices, and of them is vegetarian. The restaurant Can Flores is a perfect place if you want to order fish and seafood in a nice environment.

If you want to eat in Blanes in a place where you can organize different celebrations, such as wedding banquets and other special events, the village has some restaurant such as Mas Palau and Can Tarranc, both with good installations and a high quality food.

comer blanes restaurante salinas
Restaurante Salinas
comer blanes restaurante mas palau
Restaurante Mas Palau
comer blanes restaurante conica balma
Restaurante Cocina de La Balma

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