Eating in Banyoles

Eating in Banyoles

Located close to a legendary lake system of a great natural value, this old ecclesiastical manor in the interior of Girona was an important guerrilla center in the 19th Century. If you want to eat in Banyoles, the rice with rabbit is one of the local specialties. Are you coming with us?

Banyoles, a city located on the shore of the biggest lake of Catalonia, is an important touristic attraction that has the gastronomy as one of its main pillars. Regarding the meat, the rabbit is one of the most popular ones of the region. With it, all kinds of recipes and byproducts are made, even embutidos (sausage). Even more, the rice with rabbit is one of the most consumed dishes of the village.

The vegetable farm of Banyoles has many great products. The pumpkin and the garlic (of red skin and strong flavor) are some of them. Its importance is so big that every October the Gastronomic Journeys of the Garlic and the Pumpkin are celebrated. The Mongeta del Ganxet, a type of bean that is common in the region, is the base of many stews and soups that are served with different meats and legumes. Regarding the desserts, there are many specialties such as the Tortada de Almendras, the Rocs de l’Estany (bonbons originally made for the Barcelona Olympics in 1992) and the Cansaldes, sweets covered with lime and meringue. If you love fruit, don’t miss the delicious Apple of Girona, a product with I.G.P..

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crema banyoles
Dónde comer en Fuendetodos

If you want to eat tapas in Banyoles we recommend Can Bernat, a place that has excellent portions and a daily menu. Catalan homemade recipes and a nice ambiance. The meatballs are perfect to share. We suggest you to take a look at our “A la carte” section, as that is the best way to eat in Banyoles.

comer banyoles restaurante can bernat
Can Bernat

With views to the lake, the restaurant Vora Estany is a great option to eat a menu in Banyoles. Perfect to enjoy a day in the nature in a restaurant of traditional fod. The dishes are not that big.

A great restaurant is the marisquería Gilos, where clients can eat from octopus to combination dishes of mussels, clam, razor shells… They can also enjoy fresh fish. We recommend the grilled mussels.

Can Xabanet serves a simple Catalan cuisine. Big and modern dishes and great prices.

Another place to eat in Banyoles is La Cisterna, a nice restaurant that offers traditional food. This is the perfect place to go with your family. They have a good wine menu and a varied daily menu with elaborated dishes.

La Magrana is another great option, with a modern and excellent menu that mixes flavors such as the shrimps and the lentils. They are delicious!


comer banyoles restaurante can xabanet
Can Xabanet
comer banyoles marisqueria gils
Marisquería Gil´s
comer banyoles restaurante vora estany
Restaurante Vora Estany

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