Eating in Vic

Eating in Vic

This ancient Episcopal headquarters are famous for its medieval architecture and its traditional production of embutidos. Also, eating in Vic is the perfect occasion to try some quality products and tasty desserts. Let’s go!

One of the identity traces of the village of Vic is the production of embutidos. The artisan production of butifarras, longanizas, fuets and other pork byproducts have turned Vic one the most important places regarding its gastronomy, specially thanks to the Salchichón de Vic with I.G.P.. The cuisine of the town follows the gastronomic tradition of the region of Osona, with products such as the viganata onion, potato del Bufet and beans from Collsacabra.

In the restaurants of Vic we can find a variety of stews, hunting meat, snails and other specialties of the Catalan cuisine. The artisan production of ingredients such as hony and cheese is vital for the local gastronomy. Regarding the cheese, it is so special that during March the fair Lactium is celebrated. Regarding the desserts, Vic has the famous Pa de Pessic, a soft cake that can be the base for other desserts.

espetec vic
bizcocho vic
escudella vilanova geltru

In order to eat some tapas in Vic, the restaurant Sagrada Familia offers fresh sangria and local, homemade food. From Barmutet we recommend ordering a vermouth, as you will be served a tapa with your drink.  They also have a very complete menu. This is a very welcoming restaurant.

comer vic restaurante sagrada familia
Restaurante Sagrada Familia
comer vic bar barmulet
Bar Barmutet

When eating in Vic a la carte, Cal U is an elegant restaurant located in the center of the region. Good prices and amounts of food are served in this restaurant that works with local products that cooks traditional recipes. They also have a menu and a great selection of dishes to choose, such as the entrecôte and the salmon.

A restaurant that has a lot of charm and dishes with a great presentation is El Jardinet. The menu doesn’t have a lot of variety but the combination of flavors is amazing. They cook delicious canelones and other recipes.

In Arros I Peix you will find delicious seafood, rice with fish, esqueixada, octopus caldoso… Delicious! This restaurant has a dining room and nice terraces.

restaurante cal u
Restaurante Cal U
comer vic restaurante jardinet
Restaurante El Jardinet

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