Eating in Igualada

Eating in Igualada

Close to the river Anoia, Igualada has been a village of drivers and millers for about a thousand years. This town was also home of the workers of the leather industry since the 17th Century. Come to Igualada and try the variety of the Catalan gastronomy in its bars and restaurants. Let’s go!

Igualada is located in a region with a strong agriculture tradition. This is the reason why one of the most popular products here is the Garbanzo del Alto Anoia (chickpea), a native variety known for tits taste and small size, apart from the Mongeta del Ganxet (with D.O.P.). With it, many different stews are made, which are usually served with legumes and meat. The ranching is very common in this region of Igualada, specially the pork one. This is why the confitado pork is one of the specialties (canned) of the village. Potatoes and the variety of different embutidos (sausage), such as the Salchichón de Vic with I.G.P., are other great local products.

Igualada is a place where sweets have a special importance. Enjoy these recipes with a delicious Pa de Pagès Català, a product with I.G.P., which is common in the region. Apart from the production of the classic carquiñoles, the Coca de Igualada and the Caramelos de Patufuet are also famous here. The first one is a sugary coca covered with almonds and filled with cream or truffle. The caramelos are wrapped with a paper that has a drawing of the Patufet, a popular character in Cataluña.

To complete this gastronomic experience, don’t forget to try the broad offer of wine products with D.O. that the city offers: Alella, Catalunya and Pla de Bagez; or the famous Cava with D.O..

Dónde comer en Fuendetodos

There’s not a lot of tapas places to go to in Igualada, reason why we suggest you to go to our “A la carte section” to find some of the best restaurants in town.

If you want to eat in Igualada you should try the restaurant El Jardí, which has a daily menu and different dishes according to the season. They offer quality food and fish is their specialty.

In Exquisit you will be able to eat in Igualada great dishes with an excellent presentation. They also have a daily menu that is very economic. Delicious caldoso rice with seafood and cod and great homemade desserts.

Another restaurant you could go to in Igualada is the Racó de Traginer, where you will literally eat inside of a wine barrel. Amazing decoration! We love their grilled meat and the wine menu.

In Vinnari some delicious pork hands with foie are cooked, they offer a daily menu and filling portions alond with an elaborated selection of dishes.

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