Eating in Gracia – Barcelona

Eating in Gracia

The neighborhood of Gracia, in the north of Barcelona, unifies the charm of traditions with the freshness of modernity. The small streets, full of bars, restaurants and shops are full of live. We invite you to enjoy Gracia and try a Catalan gastronomy based in different flavors.

The neighborhood of Gracia is one of the places with more personality of Barcelona. This maze of small streets and squares holds an amazing urban life thanks to the presence of the most modern and traditional of the town in one single place. This has always been a bohemian quarter, artsy and plural, and its caracteristics can be seen in the great restaurant offer that combines the Catalan gastronomy (with D.O.P. products such as the Mongeta del Ganxet), market products and more exotic propositions, also very popular when eating in Gracia.

This neighborhood is the home of the Abacería Central and the Libertad markets, two places that provide products to the local restaurants. Everything they sell always has a great quality, and it is the inspiration of any dish you can eat in Gracia. The ambiance and the life of the streets are translated into a variety of bars, restaurants and different locals. The center of the activity of the neigborhood are the squares, where the terraces become meeting points around some tapas and beers.

During the month of August many celebrations take place here. They are the perfect occasion to get to know the best of the neighboorhod and everything there is to eat in Gracia.

pescado gracia barcelona
croquetas malasana
ensalada gracia

This is a perfect quarter for the tapeo, so if you are looking for tapas in Gracia you will find many different establishments on the small streets. One of our favorite places is La Pepita, one of the most famous bars in Gracia; Lo Pinyol, a traditional pub that offers good tapas and vermouth; and Sol Soler, another establishment of great reputation in Gracia where you can order some great and varied tapas: paella, patatas bravas, chicken wings…

comer gracia barcelona sol soler
Sol Soler
comer gracia barcelona pinyol
Lo Pinyol
comer gracia barcelona pepita
La Pepita

There are a lot of different options of places to eat in Gracia. The restaurant Con Gracia is a very popular place in this region thanks to an attractive and quality menu that is based on the Catalan traditions with some touches of other cuisines.

Another good restaurant you should try is Felice, a Holand place that also serves Catalan food. Great service and a excellent dishes.

In the restaurant Santa Gula a seasonal menu is offered to clients, and it is occasionaly switched following the arrival of the seasonal ingredients. The restaurant serves a Mediterranean cuisine, but it is also possible to find dishes of other styles. Our favorite is the crunchy shrimps with fresh cheese.

Something similar happens in Somodó, a restaurant that is very popular in Gracia thanks to its Mediterranean style that is mixed with Oriental cuisines, specially the Japanese one.

Another great place to go to is Roig Robí, a restaurant that has won many different awards. This establishment has been serving traditional dishes for several years, always with the best products that are brought from different parts of Catalonia and the rest of Spain.

comer gracia barcelona restaurante santa gula
Restaurante Santa Gula
comer gracia barcelona restaurante felice
Restaurante Felice
comer gracia barcelona restaurante gracia
Restaurante Con Gracia

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