Eating in El Eixample – Barcelona

Eating in El Eixample

Built during the 19th Century by Ildefondo Cerdà, its reticular streets are home to the main gems of the Catalan Modernism, such as La Pedrera and Casa Batlló, both designed by Antonio Gaudí. Regarding the gastronomy, eating in El Eixample allows the visitors to taste great pinchos and quality dishes.

Born with the urban restructuring of the end of the 19th Century made with the Plan Cerdà, this neighborhood from Barcelona not only increased the size of the city to the surrounding of the medieval walls, but it was also the creation of a cosmopolitan rich neighborhood, heart of the Modernist movement lead by Gaudí. Nowadays it is still one of the busiest regions f the city, and its intense street life can be seen through its bars and cafes.

When eating in El Eixample, there are many restaurants with a great reputation to go to – places of great quality that are frequented by rich clients. But there’s also many other simple places that, without diminishing the quality of the final result, offer cheaper menus to a more varied clientele. From contemporary propositions (with products such as de Pa de Pagès Català and the Salchichón de Vic (sausage) with D.O.P., and the Mongeta del Ganxet with D.O.P.) to tapeo places, along with cafes and terraces where you can have a drink. the gastronomic offer of El Eixample is always attractive, varied and of a great quality. The wine products of the region, such as the wine D.O Alella, D.O. Cataluña and D.O. Pla de Bages, or the famous Cava with D.O., are an excellent way to complete your experience in El Eixample.

tapas eixample
tartar salmon eixample

If you want to eat tapas in El Eixample you should know that this bar from Barcelona has many recommendable places to go to. Tossa is a classic one, close to the Sagrada Familia; Tapas 24 is one of the most popular bars in the neighborhood, a classic but modern place; Els Sortidors del Parlament have a great wine menu and a tasty gastronomic offer; Tickets is a project that reunites the best chefs, such as the brothers Adrià, and it is a reference of the good tapeo and food from El Eixample.

comer Eixample tapas 24
Tapas 24
comer Eixample tickets
comer Eixample sortidors parlament
Els Sortidors del Parlament

There are many restaurants to go to in El Eixample. Lasarte, awarded with two Michelin stars, is the Spanish restaurant created by the famous chef Martín Berasategui. This is a nice place with a minimalist design, where fresh and quality products are served.

Disfrutar is another popular place. A contemporary restaurant that offers dishes to share. They also have two different tasting menus.

Can Vallés is a traditional restaurant, nice and welcoming, where a classic Catalan cuisine is served. Good quality food thanks to the seasonal, fresh and local ingredients that are used.

Napa, another great place, is a Catalan restaurant that also has food from different regions, especially from California. They have a cheap daily menu but you can also order a la carte. Their cooking is traditional but with modern touches, and they always use good quality ingredients.

At the restaurant Topik it is possible to find an attractive menu with dishes that come from the Mediterranean and from Asia. The main specialties are the sea products, generally regional ones, cooked in a traditional and innovative way.

comer Eixample restaurante topik
Restaurante Topik
comer Eixample restaurante disfrutar
Restaurante Disfrutar
comer Eixample restaurante lasarte
Restaurante Lasarte

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