Eating in Segovia

Eating in Segovia

Segovia has the privilege of being one of the chosen cities considered a part of Cultural Heritage Humanity, receiving a great number of visitants every year. Besides from being an architectural beauty, eating in Segovia is a wonderful pleasure. Here you will be able to enjoy many traditional dishes in their best restaurants and bars, as they have a huge gastronomy offer. You will have to unbutton your pants to be able to keep eating!

Segovia is the capital of a province and here history is everywhere you look at. If you want to know what to eat in Segovia you should have on your mind that the best gastronomy is a result of the traditional tapas mixed with some innovation in the kitchen. Walk through the Calle de los Bares and enjoy the tapas in a different environment between the culinary vanguard and the best typical Castilian taverns. Here you can try the tostas con chazinas (sausages and pork byproducts), cheese, croquetas made with broth, butchery products and soups for the coldest days. Here, the cochinillo (pok) and roasted lechazo are the protagonists, slowly cooked with salt and water.

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judiones segovia
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As for desserts, we recommend the ponche segoviano (a soft square cake filled with cream and covered in marzipan and melted sugar). During the Festividad de San Frutos you can visit the huge gastronomy fair located in the entrance of the juderías, where you will find a great variety of artisan products. At the Titirimundi festival, music and theater walk side by side in Segovia, and this is also a good opportunity to have something to drink, such as the D.O.. wines Ribera del Duero, Rueda or Valtiendas.

At the Taberna del Fogón you will be able to enjoy some tasty tapas that are the winners of the annual competitions that take place in Segovia. Their tapas are really original, and one example is the timbal de berenjena (made of eggplant). Attention! You should get here early, otherwise you’ll have to wait to be seated.

Apart from the traditional cuisine, in El Sitio you can enjoy some good tapas in the counter while you refresh yourself with a drink. Our favorite? The morcilla segoviana (blood sausage), rabas de calamar (squid), pulguitas, torreznos, patatas bravas (fried potato wedges), croquetas

comer sepulveda taberna fogon
Taberna del fogon
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El Sitio

You are going to recommend you some good restaurants from Segovia. The Mesón Cándido is the most famous, being also well known outside of the city. Cándido, the a waiter at the Mesonero Mayor de Castilla, was the one who invented the way in which the lechazos are cut on the border of the plate before the clients. This is a ceremony that takes place everyday, but now it is his son who takes care of it. We also recommend the bonito salad and the jamón de bellota (ham) portion.

José María is another great quality place, where the cook (also named José María) searches for the perfect balance between tradition and modernity. Apart from its juicy barbecues , the croquetas are another amazing option. Eating in Segovia is such a pleasure!

The Mesón La Cueva de San Esteban is a different option: it has homemade food and good prices. They have a very complete menu with dishes such as judiones and roasted cochinillo for 24 euros, and another menu that is even cheaper. You will be eating inside of a cave, and the restaurant will surprise you with its decoration. At El Figón de los Comuneros you will be able to enjoy some delicious barbecues and dishes such as artichokes, morcillas (blood sausage)… If you eat their menu, the prices will be way cheaper than if you eat a la carte.

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Restaurante Jose Maria

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