Eating in Sacramenia

Eating in Sacramenia

In the North of the province of Segovia nearby the medieval Fuentidueña, Sacramenia is a relevant place due to its architecture and its narrow streets. Along the way you will find restaurants and bars where to eat and enjoy Sacramenia’s gastronomy. Here lamb is one of the musts and restaurants prepare it!

The main dish in Sacramenia is the Lechazo de Sacramenia. In the best restaurants the result is always delicious as they only use quality labelled meat. Try it with wine and a salad.

lechazo sacramenia
vino espana fascinante

Another typical dish are the lamb ribs that are usually cooked in the grill. Of course we cannot forget the morcilla or chorizo and the local cheeses. Lastly mushrooms and desserts such as arroz con leche are always successful!

A place where they will offfer you a free tapa when you order a drink is the Restaurante Asados Garci. Try the local bread with olive oil and cheeses!

comer sacramenia tapa asados garci
Tapa Asados Garci

One of the most famous restaurants is the Maribel. Its specialty is the roasted lamb and other quality meat and sausages. You’ll be surprised by its desserts!

Another good option is the Restaurante Asados Garci where they offer you typical food and a long list of local wines. Lechazo, salads, ponche segoviano, arroz con leche… Everything delicious!!

comer sacramenia restaurante maribel
Restaurante Maribel
sacramenia asados garci
Asados Garci

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