Eating in Saldaña

Eating in Saldaña

Eating in Saldaña is synonymous with traditional Palencia gastronomy. The ternera de Saldaña and the fish dishes will be the best options. You won’t find many restaurants and bars in Saldaña, so it will be best to get tapas and small portions. Let’s go!

If you want to know what to eat in Saldaña, you can try the typical dishes of Palentine cuisine. Most restaurants offer garlic soup (bread, egg, Bay leaf, paprika, and garlic), legume dishes, among which the alubias de Saldaña stand out because of their very high quality due to the nutrients of the soil in which they are grown, as well as the famous Lenteja Pardina de Tierra de Campos, with D.O.P.

comer saldana bodegon
El Bodegón
trucha leonesa
rosquillas saldana

The churro lamb and game meats, typical to Castile and León, compete in this municipality with the ternera de Saldaña, an exquisite meat that’s best tasted when grilled. If you’re more of a fish lover, you can also enjoy trout from the Carrión river. The town has orchards with great vegetables that are prepared in soups or dishes with meat and fish. In terms of dessert, the distinct varieties of roquillas are typical (de palo, ciegas, and bañadas), since it is the most prominent pastry in the region.

On the first floor of a 17th-century house in the center of town, you’ll find El Bodegón, with traditional cuisine and high-quality products, a great option for sharing smaller portions. Mushroom croquettes, cured meats, ham, homemade desserts…A total culinary experience!

The restaurant Casa Carmelo is a good place for eating tapas or small portions, including some combined dishes. A delicious option is their dish with alubias de Saldaña.

Restaurante Casa Carmelo
El Bodegón

Amongst the different places to eat in Saldaña we highlight the restaurant at the hostel El Marqués, which offers traditional cuisine and menus for groups. A choice you will certainly be satisfied with.

Another option is the restaurant El Molino, a cozy place that also has a garden. Some good choices are their ribeye steak and lamb. Decent food.

Restaurante del Hostal El Marqués
Restaurante El Molino

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