Eating in Sahagun

Eating in Sahagun

Sahagun is a town in the Leon province that is located between the Cea and Valderaduey rivers. Popularized by the Way to Santiago, it is worth the visit to see the local monasteries and temples. But that’s not all, eating in Sahagun will be an experience.

If there is a vegetable to eat in Sahagun it is the leek, which is a main ingredient in the local cuisine. It was introduced into the area by the Cluny monks and it was the Benedictines that expanded its growth into the Cea river gardens. It is said that it is exactly the influence from the Cea waters that is responsible for the whiteness, tenderness and taste. The leek is used in several recipes: grilled, with pastries, stuffed with cheese, with seafood, etc.

The typical dishes to eat in Sahagun are: the “gobierno sahagunense”, a stew made with the stomach and legs of lamb and seasoned with brandy and chili peppers. Another dish, the chichurro de sangre, is made with a pinch of cinnamon, aniseed, nutmeg and pepper. It is eaten with a spoon and accompanied with a piece of bread. The Sahagun potatoes are also cooked with marinated ribs and white wine.


Smaller game meat (partridge, quail, pigeons, hare), snails, frog legs and crayfish are also traditional dishes.

Legumes are also typical of Sahagun, both the Lenteja Pardina de Tierra de Campos with I.G.P.and the well-known muelas, with a flavor similar to that of beans but stewed with rice, bacon and lamb tail. Frijoles and chickpeas are also popular legumes.

While in Sahagun it is a good idea to order a wine from Bierzo or Tierra de León, both with certificate of origin.

As for pastries, they make the amarguillos de Sahagun, canutillos de crema, orejas de Sahagun or orejuelas and galletas de hiero.

Every year, since 1998, they celebrate the Jornadas Gastronómicas during the month of April. This is a good time to visit the city.

If you prefer to eat tapas in Sahagun, a good option is the Covadonga tavern. With the purchase of a drink, you can choose among a variety of tapas. They also offer a menu.

Around Plaza Mayor, you can go to Luis, a good place to eat tapas. The wines do not disappoint and you can enjoy them on a terrace along with the most popular product in the area, stuffed leek. In this same area, you can find La Taberna de Miguel.

There are several restaurants to eat in Sahagun. The most famous restaurant is the medieval San Facundo, in the La Codorniz hostel. It has a beautiful Mudejar building with a wood fire oven and offers traditional Castilian cuisine with seasonal products. The meat is especially good.

Next to Town Hall is Casa Simón where you will taste exquisite migas or leeks with boletus.

Another option is the restaurant El ruedo II, in Plaza Mayor. Its specialty is the roasted lamb and desserts accompanied with a selection of wines.

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