Eating in Aranda de Duero

Eating in Aranda de Duero

Our recommendations for where to eat in Aranda de Duero encompass all gastronomic possibilities. Enjoy a variety of wines and local asadores. Traditional desserts will tantalize your palate. And if you are someone who likes trying every dish at a restaurant, we recommend getting tapas at the bars listed below.

If you’re not sure what to eat in Aranda de Duero, you have to try the most representative dish,  Lechazo asado (grilled lamb), which is made in a traditional firewood oven with I.G.P. The meat of the lechazo—or cordero lechal (literally “lamb in the style of lamb”, since it’s served simply with milk)—is particularly tender and juicy, and can also be found in various dishes such as vegetable pie with lamb’s foot, lamb croquettes, and lamb sweetbread. During the month of June, the famous Jornadas del Lechazo Asado, or Grilled Lamb Festival, takes place in various asadores in Aranda de Duero, for which it’s recommended that you reserve a table beforehand. This is all accompanied, of course, with Ribera del Duero wine with D.O., and diners have the option of visiting underground wine cellars in the area. Another typical local product is oil cake, which is elaborate, round bread in the traditional style. Recognized as Marca de Garantía or lechuga de Medina, oil cake is unusual because of its high iron content, as well as its relaxing and diuretic effects.

chuletas cordero
torta aceite
comer lechazo aranda duero

If you like tapas, remember that the the Hotel Association of Aranda de Duero and Duero Bank organize the Local Tapas Contest that lasts ten days in the month of March. It’s a great occasion to visit the area and eat in Aranda de Duero! A wide variety of desserts is offered to complete the delicious menu, such as puff pastry filled with cream and Castilian goat cheese with quince.

Anyone who goes out to eat in Aranda de Duero should consider trying tapas and exploring the counters at the many bars and restaurants throughout the area. The bar El Somatén, situated in the Plaza Mayor, has a large variety of tapas and skewers in a modern, authentic environment. From there you can get to El Lagar de Isilla, another tapas bar that might be a bit of a surprise. You can also visit their medieval wine cellar there.

comer aranda duero somaten
El Somatén
comer aranda duero lagar isilla
El Lagar de Isilla

There is an abundance of asadores to eat at in Aranda de Duero, and we are highlighting a just few of the many recommendable locations. Casa Florencio, in business sine 1949, is a restaurant with a patio that has reinvented its image and serves traditional food and homemade desserts. El Pastor is famous precisely for its lamb. If you are looking to eat from a menu, you will find a good quality-price ratio at El Ciprés.

comer aranda duero casa florencio
Casa Florencio
comer aranda duero restaurante pastor
El Pastor
comer aranda duero restaurante cipres
El Ciprés

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