Eating in El Barco de Avila

Eating in El Barco de Avila

In the southern part of the Avila province, we stumble upon El Barco de Avila, a perfect place to enjoy the cuisine of Castile and Leon. Here, beans are the main dish. If you are looking for tapas, the Aila ham will leave you pleased. Come with us to eat in El Barco de Avila!

In recent years, El Barco de Avila has become an attractive spot for tourism, not only for its beautiful location and historical and artistic monuments, but also for its main culinary product, the judiones. Castile and Leon boast having a variety of legumes and for this town, it is their most prominent product. The Judia de El Barco de Avila, located in the Tormes Valley, was the first Spanish product to have Protected Geographical Indication.

There are seven distinct varieties of beans: judia blanca redonda – the most well-known-, the blanca riñón– the most demanded-, the morada –long or round, the arrocina, the planchada and the judión, the largest which can be white, black or marbled. Every type is characterized by its smooth texture and delicate skin, flavor and ease to cook. There are many ways to cook the different types of beans; stewed, cooked, baked etc. Nowadays they combine the beans with different ingredients like mushrooms, sausage, shrimp etc.

judas negras

But there are other dishes to eat in El Barco de Avila, like trout from the Tormes river, prepared in various ways: marinated, grilled, baked or smoked. Additionally, the rabbit, hare, potatoes and embutidos are among other dishes that stand out in El Barco de Avila. Among the embutidos, the Avila ham and lomo embuchado are noteworthy.

The restaurant Casa Lucio is perfect for eating tapas. You will find delicious potatoes and creamy croquettes with blood sausage and ham. The alubias con chorizo and oreja are also an excellent option to share. It is best to visit this restaurant with a reservation, since it is small.

In the Cafetería La Esmeralda you can try good potatoes with torreznos and a homemade tortilla de patatas. This is an ideal place to go with a group.

comer barco avila casa lucio
Casa Lucio
comer barco avila esmeralda
La Esmeralda

You will find several restaurants to eat in El Barco de Avila, both in the town and the surrounding area, some of them are: the Hostal Rosi restaurant and the Tésera restaurant within the Izan Puerta de Gredos hotel.

If you are looking for a typical menu with fabada and chuletón de Avila, you will find it in the Hostal Rosi restaurant. The food you receive is excellent quality for its price and it is a family-friendly atmosphere.

The restaurant Tésera, within the Izan Puerta de Gredos hotel, offers a weekly menu for ten euros. The secreto ibérico is a good option. The menu is not very extensive, but its dishes are good quality.

comer barco avila restaurante rosi
Restaurante Rosi
comer barco avila restaurante tesera
Restaurante Tésera

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