Eating in Castro Urdiales

Eating in Castro Urdiales

The touristic municipality of Castro Urdiales is one of the most populated of Cantabria. The best plan is to go to the less touristic bars and restaurants, where the people who actually know Castro Urdiales go to. The Cantabrian gastronomy here presents many options, reason why you can enjoy any recipe with delight.

We are going to help you decide what to eat in Castro Urdiales, this coastal village of the Cantabrian community that is neighbours with Vizcaya. The most famous thing from this cuisine are the fish and fresh seasonal seafood: hake, cod, conger eel, sardines, bonito, lobster, spider crab, chicharros… As a starter, the anchovies, grilled razor shell and limpets a la marinera.

It is common to eat the marmita de bonito or the marmitako during the Summer days (since the end of the XIX century many Basques had their second house in Castro), a stew made of bonito, pepper, onion and potatoes. This dish is so traditional that every August 15th, the Fiesta de la Marmita is celebrated in Castro. During this day, around 300 teams occupy the land from the Ayuntamiento to the Rompeolas and prepare their marmitas, which compete against each other. Those who don’t belong to any team can also enjoy the marmitas in any restaurant of Castro Urdiales.

Another typical dish, apart from the different marmita varieties – octopus, lobster…- are the chipirones (squid) and the jibiones (cuttlefish) in its ink with white rice, and meatballs from palometa y paparda. Don’t miss the chance to get a can of bonito or anchovies, as the small canned food industry is still present in this village. If you come during the Summer, the first Friday of July the traditional El Coso Blanco celebrations take place – and they are considered a National Touristic Interest. In San Andrés, in November 30th, the tradition of cooking snails and cod still happens nowadays.

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Around the plaza del Ayuntamiento, in front of the harbor and under the porticos, the restaurants and taverns of the ancient center are found. The Ardigales street is the home of many pinchos bars. The Mesón Marinero, at the Casa de los Chelines ( a beautiful neogothic building of modernist infleunce) combines tradition and innovation with a great kitchen. In the counter you can order some old and new pinchos.

The Taberna Peñascal will allow you to taste some pinchos and hamburguers. Another place to eat pinchos in Castro Urdiales if Ostende Pinchos, where you can order them from the counter or enjoy in them in the terrace.

comer castro urdiales meson marinero
El Mesón Marinero
comer castro urdiales ostende pinchos
Ostende Pinchos

In La Arboleda you will find fish, seafood and meat of a great quality. They don’t have a menu, as their products are fresh and each day they have a different specialty. The spider crab, turbot and sea bass are the most famous dishes.

Good grilled food and seafood in La Goleta. the menu sometimes includes grilled fish. They also have a special menu with exquisite products. The fish soup is really tasty.

With higher prices, we also recommend the restaurant El Puerto, where you will also enjoy some great views. Anchovies ventresca, grilled shrimp and turbot are amazing options.

If you like ordering from a menu, the restaurant Bajamar offers traditional Cantabrian dishes at a good price. The waiters are very welcoming and you can also get gluten free products, such as bread. We recommend the sardines.

comer gambas castro urdiales Restaurante arboleda
Restaurante La Arboleda
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Restaurante La Goleta

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