Eating in Zumaia

Eating in Zumaia

The town of Zumaia sprang up around Santa María de Arritokieta Monastery in the late 13th century, although legally it was not considered a town until the reign of Alfonso XI in the mid-14th century. One of the town’s most notable features is the flysch of Zumaia, a sedimentary rock formation that reflects the different geological eras of the land.

Zumaia is a well-known tourist destination, although it has fewer dining options than other towns on the coast. In this city where the Urola and Narrondo Rivers meet, you’ll be able to eat a wide variety of fish and meat dishes. In season, baby eel are fished in the Urola River and the bay at night and can then be enjoyed in some of the town’s restaurants. Cuttlefish are also fished in the nearby waters and cooked by restaurants “a lo Pelayo” style using their ink. One of the most typical products when it comes to eating in Zumaia is octopus, so much so that in mid-September the town celebrates the Octopus Festival, a gastronomic event known all around the comarca where a number of stands and booths (txoznas in Basque) sell pinchos and raciones of octopus, generally accompanied by Astigarraga cider or Txakoli de Getaria white wine.

Many of Zumaia’s restaurants also offer a wide range of fish dishes, from shellfish soups to lobster and langoustine salads, codfish in green sauce, and turbot and hake a la koskera, among others. Meat dishes are also common when it comes to eating in Zumaia, so you’ll be able to get specialties such as ox chops, lamb chops, and roasted sirloins. In addition, as in any true Basque town, you can enjoy a wide variety of pinchos at most of the town’s bars. Near the pier in the old port, next to the historical quarter, as well as in the modern marina there are bars and restaurants with a good pinchos selection for a casual lunch or dinner. A visit to the Basque Coast Geopark can be the perfect occasion to experience all that there is to eat in Zumaia.

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If you opt to eat at Idoia restaurant, you’ll get to enjoy some delicious and original pinchos in a unique environment. The restaurant is notable for using excellent ingredients and for its economical prices, which alongside the excellent service makes the name Idoia (“good idea” in Basque) ring true.

Located in Upela Plaza, Gure Toxoa tavern is ideal if you’re looking to eat cazuelitas (mini casseroles) in a traditional setting. This bar offers customers an abundance of high-quality raciones and pinchos, with attentive service and fair prices.

At Justa tavern you can enjoy a delicious daily prix fixe menu for a competitive price in a family-friendly environment. You’ll find that all of their dishes are high-quality and fresh, which comes together with the waitstaff’s attentive service to provide a great dining experience.

Dónde comer en Zumaia
Restaurante Idoia
Dónde comer en Zumaia
Taberna Gure Toxoa

In Eusebio Gurrutxaga Plaza you can find Beheko Plaza grill, where you can enjoy traditional and innovative cuisine prepared using top-notch locally-sourced products. Although they specialize in grilled meat and fish, all their dishes are exceptional, including the risotto and pasta—they know how to do Italian!

If you’re looking to eat at a restaurant that serves quality Spanish and Basque cuisine, Marina Berri is without a doubt your best option. Located in the Santiago neighborhood and with gorgeous views of the port, this restaurant offers customers perfectly-plated dishes made with great care in an elegant setting.

Located next to San Telmo Chapel and with extraordinary views of the original flysch of Zumaia, the restaurant Flysch Gourmet offers customers creative and cutting-edge fare based on products from the area. Their menu screams “quality,” which alongside their attentive service and gorgeous indoor terrace makes for a perfect dining experience.

If you’re looking to eat at a delicious and welcoming restaurant, Txortena won’t disappoint. This restaurant serves customers delicious home-style dishes for fair prices. One standout is the codfish al pil pil paired with a nice glass of txakoli wine.

Dónde comer en Zumaia
Restaurante asador Beheko Plaza
Dónde comer en Zumaia
Restaurante Marina Berri

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