Eating in Zarautz (Zarauz)

Eating in Zarautz (Zarauz)

If you are spending some time in Zarautz or just passing through, you must try the food. You might be surprised by the high quality of its recipes and products that its restaurants offer. There are many restaurants and bars where you can eat tapas or something from their menu. We recommend filling up on all the delicious food you’ll find.

There is a lot to eat in Zarautz, a town that owes part of its fame to the work of famous chefs like Karlos Arguiñano, who has a restaurant and a culinary institute in the town. When you combine this with all the other great restaurants in the town, you get a place that will satisfy even the most discerning palettes.

As a coastal town in Guipuzcoana, Zarautz enjoys a traditional fishing village diet that gives special importance to their fish and shellfish from the Cantabrian. Here, you can try the txangurro al horno (baked spider crab), grilled anchovies, grilled sea bream and hake in green sauce or koxkera among other typical specialties of Zarautz, like baby squid, squid cooked with minced garlic, onion, or Julienne pepper.

When it comes to meat, steaks of bull or cow, the roast lamb, and the traditional cold cuts have a special place in the heart of this town. You also cannot leave without trying the Txakoli de Getaria (with a D.O.) that would go perfectly with whatever you are eating in Zarautz. You can also visit the nearby Parque Natural de Pagoeta, a perfect place to relax and get to know first-hand the most spectacular landscapes that surround this coastal town.

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If you are looking to eat pinchos in Zarautz, the town has some notable bars like Gau Txori, a classic for all ages; Alai, with a large selection of rich tapas and pinchos like goat cheese and tomato; and Pagoeta, which specializes in rations, bocadillos (similar to sub sandwiches), and combined dishes. The restaurant Karlos Arguiñano also offers pinchos that mix the original and the traditional.

Dónde comer en Zarautz
Bar Gau Txori
Dónde comer en Zarautz
Bar Alai

There are numerous options for places to eat in Zarautz. One of the most famous restaurants in the town is Karlos Arguiñano, a high-quality establishment where they cook traditional food with innovative methods. It also offers a seasonal tasting menu. We recommend the pil-pil cod with kokotxas.

On the outskirts of the town, you’ll find the restaurant Aiten Etxe, near the highway that runs to Getaria. We highly recommend this restaurant if you’re visiting Zarautz. It has a strong nautical theme, so much of its menu consists of fresh fish and shellfish produced by local fishermen. It also offers great views of the beach and dishes such as grilled sea brim and oysters.

Otzarreta is a traditional-looking place where you can get trendy cuisine with a local touch, and their food is made form fresh, high-quality ingredients. It has a regular menu as well as a specials menu, and you can rent out the restaurant for big celebrations like weddings or similar occasions. The grilled fish is particularly good.

Gure Txokoa is another establishment to keep in mind when visiting Zarautz. It serves local cuisine, and it uses seasonal ingredients from around the area. You can get luxurious lamb chops and scrambled egg with mushrooms here.

Dónde comer en Zarautz
Restaurante Karlos Arguiñano
Dónde comer en Zarautz
Restaurante Aiten Etxe

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