Eating in Irún

Eating in Irún

Irún is one of the most important cities in Gipuzkoa, second only to San Sebastián. It’s located across from the French city of Hendaye, with the Bidasoa River separating the two. Here you’ll find monuments such as the 16th-century Santa María del Juncal Church with its Baroque façade. Also, the atmosphere of the pinchos strips gives the city life. Eating in Irún will put the perfect finishing touch on your visit to this magnificent city.

Irún is full of life due to its location between Txingudi Bay and the mouth of the Bidasoa River. It serves as a passage between Spain and France where thousands of travelers converge by way of car or railroad. When it comes to eating in Irún, seafood is at the center of many of the locale’s traditional recipes, especially hake a la koskera, marmitako, cuttlefish in ink, and codfish in green sauce. Meat and produce are also important products when it comes to eating in Irún and are used in classic dishes of the Basque tradition such as grilled ox chops and vegetable stews.

Irún has several strips of pinchos bars (near the city hall and the Plaza del Ensanche, to name a couple) which comprise a large number of establishments where you can also try traditional Basque beverages like cider and Txakoli de Getaria, which will go perfectly with whatever you end up eating in Irún.

When it comes to pastries, Irún has several specialties including Basque cake (a cream-filled sponge cake) and opillas de San Marcos (sweet cakes decorated with icing, “eggs,” and candies).

If you visit in June, take advantage of the patron saint festival and the Alarde de San Marcial (a military parade), and you can also take a walk in Peñas de Aya Natural Park to enjoy some fresh air in the pure state of nature.

If pinchos are what you’re looking to eat, Irún has multiple pinchos bars in the areas around Plaza del Ensanche y Plaza San Juan. A few places we recommend are Disco and Real Unión, both classic-style and located in Plaza del Ensanche with service on their terraces. There’s also Sargia and Gaztelumendi-Antxon, two popular establishments near city hall.

There are several places to dine in Irún. Singular, headed by Chef Íñigo Lavado, is an acclaimed restaurant which serves creative and original cuisine based on quality, locally-sourced seasonal products. Their facilities are able to accommodate celebrations for weddings, communions, and other special events.

Another good place to eat in Irún is Mikel, a traditional restaurant that specializes in meat dishes as well as seafood from the nearby Cantabrian Coast. They also have a lengthy menu of wines from all different regions.

On the outskirts of town you can find Trinkete Borda, an establishment that looks like a farmhouse which is located on a large plot of land. The property houses several small farms whose products are used to prepare the restaurant’s quality traditional cuisine, which showcases grilled meats, fish, and various seasonal specialties.

Dónde comer en Irún
Dónde comer en Irún

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