Eating in Hondarribia

Eating in Hondarribia

Some 20 kilometers from San Sebastián we find Hondarribia, a town on the border of Spain and France. In addition to harboring San Sebastián Airport, Hondarribia is home to several attractions such as Santa María’s Gate, a medieval rampart, and a historical quarter. If you want to know what you can look forward to eating in Hondarribia, we’ll offer some suggestions.

At the mouth of the Bidasoa River in the northeastern part of the province of Gipuzkoa, you can find the magical town of Hondarribia on the French border. You’ll see what is truly unique about this town. Always bustling with people, Hondarribia is full of life at all times of the year, and its cuisine has an unimpeachable reputation. It’s famous for its pinchos bars, which you can find a ton of on streets like Calle San Pedro. When it comes to eating in Hondarribia, you’ll be able to find any traditional Basque dish that your heart desires. In general, you’ll find a culinary tradition based on seafood, produce, and excellent locally-sourced meats.

Be sure to try some kokotxas (hake in green sauce), grilled sea bream, marmitako, and baked txangurro (king crab), as well as ox chops and fillet of veal. Whatever you end up eating in Hondarribia will go perfectly with a glass of Txakoli de Getaria, a white wine with an excellent flavor, or a handcrafted cider, which you can easily find in any of the town’s restaurants, bars, and taverns. If you visit in July you’ll get to experience Entrega de la Kutxa and if you go later in the year, don’t miss out on the Alarde (a military parade) in September, which is probably the town’s most important festival.

besugo hondarribia
escalibada tosta
pinchos comer hondarribia

Pinchos are a great option for dining in Hondarribia. The city is one of the main hotspots for tapas in Gipuzkoa, and tapas bars can be found all around the city in areas like Calle San Pedro and the historical quarter. Some of the most popular ones include Gran Sol, with sophisticated award-winning cuisine; Sardara, with high-quality and appetizing pinchos; Itxaspe, with a wide selection of tapas, raciones, and even an à la carte menu with full-sized meals; and Itxaropena, with traditional home-style cooking.

Dónde comer en Hondarribia
Restaurante Itxaspe
Dónde comer en Hondarribia
Restaurante Sardara
comer pinchos hondarribia restaurante itxaropena
Restaurante Itxaropena

It’s possible to find all kinds of restaurants in Hondarribia. Alameda is an award-winning restaurant with a Michelin Star which uses fresh, quality seasonal products to prepare a menu of delicious dishes that fuse traditional cuisine with more contemporary techniques. The restaurant has enough space to host special events like weddings and communions.

Another place to eat in Hondarribia is Hermandad de Pescadores, a restaurant with a classic look whose menu consists mainly of high-quality seafood. Their fish soup was named the “world’s best fish soup” by a Japanese magazine.

In the city’s historical quarter you’ll find Sebastián, a popular restaurant for traditional Basque cuisine that consists of several rooms, some formal and some casual. They also rent out their dining room for any kind of meetings and celebrations.

In an old renovated farmhouse on the outskirts of town, you’ll find the restaurant Laia, another good option for eating in Hondarribia. Their cuisine represents a perfect union between Basque tradition and modern gastronomy, always prepared using fresh quality ingredients. Many of their specialties are meat and fish dishes.

Dónde comer en Hondarribia
Restaurante Sebastián
Dónde comer en Hondarribia
Restaurante Sardara
Dónde comer en Hondarribia
Restaurante Alameda

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