Eating in Lekeitio – Lequeitio

Eating in Lekeitio – Lequeitio

In the comarca of Lea Artibai in the province of Biscay, we come upon Lekeitio, a small town located on the Basque coastline. If you like pinchos, fish stews, and meat, eating in Lekeitio will be a real treat. You’ll also find plenty of restaurants and bars where you can taste the flavors of Basque cuisine.

There’s a lot to eat in Lekeitio, a town on the Gulf of Biscay whose kitchens epitomize the essence of classic Basque cuisine. Enjoy the town’s fishing tradition and activities related to the sea, such as the famous Día de los Gansos (Day of the Goose). Walk around its incomparable natural environment and take a stroll in search of the most exquisite pinchos, especially in the area of Arranegi and Pascual Abaroa.

Thanks to its vicinity to the Cantabrian coast, Lekeitio is home to a significant canning industry. Don’t miss out on the flavorful seafood dishes, such as baby cuttlefish in sauce and marmitako, a recipe of Basque origin that is very popular in the town. Meat and vegetable stews, ox chops, and grilled steaks are also popular options when it comes time to eat in Lekeitio. To top it all off, be sure to try the famous Txakoli de Vizcaya, an excellent white wine.

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pintxos bilbao

For a worthwhile tapas experience in the Basque Country and to try a little of everything that Lekeitio has to offer, we suggest the bar Lumentza, where you can have some croquettes or barbels al pil pil. This is the perfect place for a casual lunch or dinner. The bar Leihope is another great place to go for pinchos.  Their most popular pincho is the Txipilovers, which is fresh fried cuttlefish. Their tapas and pinchos bar will delight you and you’ll want to try them all.

In addition, Bar Lekeitio has pincho-plus-drink deals and a lot of variety. They have sandwiches and, in the evening, good ambiance and music. Their breakfasts are sublime.

Comer Lekeitio bar lumetza
Bar Lumentza
Comer Lekeitio bar leihope
Bar Leihope

There are numerous places to eat in Lekeitio. Egaña is a traditional Basque restaurant whose menu offers all kinds of regional specialties with an emphasis on products obtained from the nearby coast. They also offer a good wine menu and a special shellfish menu featuring sea bass and fresh codfish a la bizkaína.

Beitia Barri is another place we recommend for eating in Lekeitio. Their menu is made up of traditional dishes prepared with locally-sourced products, especially high-quality fish and meat. They make a good rice with vegetables and clams.

The restaurant Mesón Arropain is a place where you can find quality cuisine attributed to the purest of the Biscayan culinary tradition and prepared skillfully—a reputable place in the area. They have excellent shellfish and gourmet products. Their turbot is cooked very well.

If you’re looking for someplace in Lekeitio that specializes in special occasions, you’ll find in Palacio de Zubieta an establishment that combines beautiful architecture and fine dining to meet customers’ needs.

Comer Lekeitio restaurante egana
Restaurante Egaña
Comer Lekeitio restaurante beitia barri
Restaurante Beitia Barri

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