Eating in Laguardia

Eating in Laguardia

In the south of the province of Álava, we find ourselves in Laguardia, a town nestled in the comarca of Rioja Alavesa. In this small history-filled city with a medieval quarter and rampart, the most notable point of interest is the wineries some six meters underground beneath the homes and streets. Eating in Laguardia is a great choice especially if you accompany it with some good wine.

Commonly known as the “city of wine,” Laguardia is home to some of the finest gastronomy in Rioja Alavesa. Enjoy some delicious locally-grown lamb and veal as well other products of the area, including wine. Try some classic stuffed peppers or some famous potatoes with chorizo, recipes prepared in the traditional style which are very popular when it comes to eating in Laguardia. But eating in Laguardia doesn’t only mean meat and produce; fish such as cod, trout, and sea bream are also very common and can be cooked with a mixture of garlic, paprika, and vegetables.

Experience the town’s traditional festivities during the festivals of San Juan and San Pedro, where you’ll get the chance to try some of the famous zurracapote, made from wine, fruit, and cinnamon. The region’s strong winemaking tradition is evidenced by the popularity of Rioja wines. Laguardia is home to several wineries, some of which are quite renowned. In addition, it’s always a good idea to have some local txakoli or cava (sparkling white wine) with whatever you end up eating in Laguardia.

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zurracapote alava

When it comes to eating in Laguardia, there are only a few places to get tapas, or as they’re called here, pintxos. Your best option is to go around to the town’s wineries sampling wines and trying the tapas that they offer. One option is Bodega El Funambulista, where you’ll be able to try artisanal wines and buy a bottle of something that you won’t find in the supermarket. They also have a bar full of pintxos.

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Bodega El Funambulista

The options for eating in Laguardia are wide-ranging and high-quality. Amelibia is a restaurant that uses fresh products of local origin for their menu featuring all kinds of traditional Basque and Riojan dishes. They also have an interesting selection of seasonal dishes and a large selection of local wines.

Los Parajes restaurant is one of the most popular establishments for eating in Laguardia. In an elegant classic setting, they offer a menu full of appetizing contemporary dishes, showcasing the local tradition and utilizing authentic products.

The restaurant of Castillo el Collado hotel offers customers a range of dishes derived from the Basque and Riojan gastronomic traditions in their purest form, giving rise to a modest but high-quality menu.

Posada Mayor de Migueloa is located in downtown Laguardia in a historical building which has been declared a site of Historical and Cultural Interest. Their traditional home-style food is made using locally-sourced ingredients, without losing sight of more innovative current ideas. They have a complete wine menu and a small underground winery which is open to visitors.

If what you need is a place for eating in Laguardia that specializes in hosting receptions for weddings, communions, and other kinds of special events, you’ll have the experience and facilities of La Huerta Vieja and Villa Lucía at your disposal. These two spacious establishments are located a short distance from the center of town.

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Restaurante Amelibia
comer en Laguardia
Restaurante Los Parajes

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