Eating in Agurain-Salvatierra

Eating in Agurain-Salvatierra

Located in the northeastern part of the province of Álava, eating in Agurain is synonymous with stews and typical Basque products. What the town’s gastronomy lacks in diversity it makes up for in deliciousness. Eating in Agurain means the chance to try tender game dishes. The bars and restaurants serve classic Basque dishes with flavors that will awaken your senses.

There’s a lot to eat in Agurain, a town that offers a gastronomic spread that draws on the tradition of Álava. Produce, fish, and game rendezvous in the town’s kitchens, allowing visitors to enjoy traditional recipes and products such as beans, leeks, codfish, and the classic potato and chorizo stew. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to try some famous marmitako (a stew made of tuna and potatoes), one of the most traditional specialties when it comes to eating in Agurain.

Stop by any of the town’s multiple gastronomic festivals where you’ll be able to find some of the signatures of Agurain’s cuisine: different types of mushrooms including perretxikos, potatoes, snails, and game meats. Whatever you end up eating in Agurain can be accompanied with a glass of Txakoli de Álava, the area’s most famous beverage. Also, don’t miss out on the chance to try some of the famous Idiazabal cheese.

plato salvatierra
Queso de tetilla
setas rellenas mieres

José Mari (El Gordo) restaurant has a good pinchos bar where you can try tiny delicacies of Basque cuisine. The calamari is one of their signature pinchos, and they make a “sandwich of the week” which they try to make different and improve every week.

Another establishment that has a wide variety of pinchos is Cafetería Jai Alai, but they usually prepare them in the morning so if you go at dinnertime you may miss out—there won’t be many left! Good coffee and wine, as well as tasty teas and infusions.

Taberna Algarrobo is another place to get some good pinchos and patatas bravas. They have a terrace and the staff is very friendly. On Fridays at Café Bar Skala you can get some pinchos along with your drink, making for a perfect appetizer.

comer en Salvatierra
Restaurante José Mari 'El Gordo'
comer en Salvatierra
Taberna Algarrobo

The options for eating in Agurain are notable for the quality of the service and for the fare that draws on the tradition of these northern parts of Álava. Restaurante José Mari, known as “El Gordo” (“the Fat Man”), is one of the most popular restaurants when it comes to eating in Agurain. This hundred-year-old family-owned restaurant specializes in barbecue and fish, and the dining rooms have ample space. Although it may not seem like an important detail, their French fries are always homemade, never frozen. They work with seasonal products such as mushrooms and snails.

Zerúa is another restaurant in the town serving classic fare with a menu consisting primarily of meat and fish. They have spacious rooms equipped to accommodate a large number of diners. The service is fast, and for dessert we recommend the cuajada (milk curd), which is homemade and fresh.

In Langarika (6 km away) you can find Laua Jantokia restaurant, an elegant establishment which serves innovative dishes with meticulous presentation. Perfect for special occasions. Travelers recognize it as one of the best restaurants in the area, with appetizers such as blood sausage bonbons. Their original, cutting-edge menu plays around with local flavors. There’s nothing bad to say about this cozy restaurant.

If what you’re looking for when it comes to eating in Agurain is a place to hold a celebration for a wedding, communion, or other similar event, Sayarola catering hall is a good choice for occasions like these.

comer en Salvatierra
Restaurante José Mari 'El Gordo'
comer en Salvatierra
Restaurante Laua Jantokia

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