Eating in Alcañiz

Eating in Alcañiz

Alcañiz preserves an important monumental heritage and offers some of the most modern facilities of sports car racing. When eating in Alcañiz, the city has been able to create an own kitchen along the story.

Nowadays, eating in Alcañiz is clearly influenced by the great concentration of high quality products such as the Aceite del Bajo Aragón (oil), the Melocotones de Calanda (apricots) or the Jamón de Teruel (ham). In addition the local recipe book is completed by diffrent traditional dishes such as the snails, the pastora lamb and the roasted ternasco. Also the goat and cow milk cheeses, the chirigol (a regional dish based on fried vegetables) and the pickled partridge. Alcañiz is also a place where there are many different sweet options such as the tortas de Alma, the galletas alcañizas (cookies), the harinosos ciegos, the tetas de Santa Águeda and the tortas rellenas de calabaza (pumpkin). It is a great idea to enjoy them durig the local festivities.

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If you want tapas for eating in Alcañiz, the locality has some quality stablishments such as La Bodega where you can try the pork eat tapa and the cheese board. Another good place to go eating tapas in Alcañiz is Venecia, platos combinados, sandwiches and a very recommendable sausage. Lastly, the Café Praga for eating in Alcañiz.

comer alcaniz bar bodega
Bar La Bodega
comer alcaniz bar venicia
Bar Venecia

There are many places for eating in Alcañiz. Empeltre is a restaurant that elaborates traditional cuisine seasoned with more contemporary techniques. There is a menu with very good options.

Another place to go is the restaurant Meseguer with a menu that is made of quality local products. It has a long experience that the many years of working has given it.

The restaurant La Concordia is located at the Parador de Alcañiz, a place where the classic cuisine is interpreted in a modern and innovative way. The building has a lot of history and is located in a spot of great artistic and landscape value.

The Mesón La Parrilla is another place to take into consideration when eating in Alcañiz. It is a stablishment with caracter and classic essence where grilled meat and local products from the area are the main options.

In the outskirts of the locality and nearby the reservoir La Estanca there is the Camping Alcañiz which restaurant, Madre Luz offers a quality menu based on products and the possibility of eating is one of the most valued natural environments of the surroundings.

camer alcaniz meson parrilla
Mesón La Parrilla
comer alcaniz restaurante empeltre
Restaurante El Empeltre


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