Eating in Albarracín

Eating in Albarracín

Despite its small size, there are many things to see in Albarracín so we can spend more than one day in town. You can enjoy a day in the nature hicking at the Natural Park of the Pinares de Ródeno. If you want to know what can you eat in Albarracín, keep reading.

The gastronomy of Albarracín is the result of the mixture of the most innovative culinary techniques with a tradition that has been evolving century after century since the Muslim dominance. Along with the cattle raising and the agriculture, fishing and hunting are the basis of many delicious dishes such as the roasted ternasco, rabbit confit, braised deer, and wild pig. Also some trouts from the Guadalaviar river and the Teruel Ham D.O.P. along with the wide variety of embutidos. The local orchards provide of thistles and borages that are usually prepared with almonds sauce. In addition, the gastronomic offer is completed with other traditional creations such as the migas del pastor and pourridge. After eating in Albarracín you must try some sweets such as the almojábanas (rosquillas with muslim origin and anise) which are very famous all over Spain.

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If you want to eat something informal in Albarracín by sharing dishes with your family and friends, the bar La Despensa is your place to go. Its food is homemade and is has become a classic in the area due to its bravas tapa. Another good place to go is the Taberna Albarracín, very recommendable (try its broken eggs with ham from Teruel)

comer albarracin bar despensa
Bar La Despensa
comer albarracin bar taberna
Bar La Taberna

There are numerous places for eating in Albarracín, one of the most beautiful towns of Spain. The restaurant Tiempo de Ensueño is a proposal of creative food and it is very good valued in the town. Its originality in the elaborations and the presentation make it stand out.

Another place for eating in Albarracín is El Buen Yantar. It offers traditional recipes with products from the local orchards and game meat.

The Rincón del Chorro is a family restaurant where gastronomic tradition from Albarracín is the basis. Trying mushrooms, borraja, lamb, and other pecialtis prepared with local products.

The restaurant El Portal is another recommendable place for eating in Albarracín due to its simple cuisine that has a lot of personality and local essence.

The Asador de Albarracín is a restaurant that is located at the entrance of the town and which is specialised on grilled meat. It has its own parking area and a very wide room where it is easy to find a table and to organise a family meeting or a wedding.


comer albarracin restaurante asador
Restaurante Asador de Albarracín
comer albarracin restaurante portal
Restaurante El Portal


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