Eating in Archidona

What to eat in Archidona

The town of Archidona in Malaga will not leave you indifferent with its Andalusian monuments and beautiful streets. Eating in Archidona will put the finishing touch to your visit, the tapas bars and restaurants of the town will take you to the authentic Andalusian flavor.

In the center of the Northeast Region of Malaga is the municipality of Archidona, where you can find a gastronomy full of flavor and tradition. You start with a spoon dish such as cocido, leg stew, maimones (soup prepared with vegetable broth, ham, hard bread, oil, garlic and onions) and gazpachuelo (soup of fish stock with a kind of mayonnaise). In addition to these dishes, ideal for the cold temperatures of autumn and winter, you will find typical Andalusian dishes more frequent in hot seasons of the year like migas, gazpacho, ajoblanco or porra de Archidona, which is made similarly to salmorejo and It is an entire institution when eating in Archidona. The delicious egg dish will also be the protagonist in many of the existing menus in the bars and restaurants of the town. The main ingredient that you can taste in almost all the dishes of the municipality will be the olive oil D.O.P. Antequera, with a delicious flavor, will give a special touch to each of the recipes. to finish eating in Archidona, the desserts of the town are not wasted, here you will find half-point roscos, octopus, porridge and butter rolls.

migas segura sierra

If you wish to eat in Archidona in a very informal place, Las Tres RRR is the best place to go. It has a very nice outdoor terrace. Another place to go in the city center and more precisely in the Townhall Square is El Rincón.

comer archidona rbar tres rrr
Bar Las Tres RRR
comer archidona restaurante rincon
Restaurante El Rincón

At lunchtime in Archidona we found a varied offer. The Arxiduna restaurant is located inside caves, its cuisine is classic and Mediterranean essence with influences from other cultures and modern incorporations.

Las Viñas is a restaurant with a long professional history; It specializes in grilled meats and regional Andalusian cuisine. It has experience and enough space to organize all kinds of events, family or business.

The Cental restaurant is a classic at the time of eating in Archidona, it elaborates a kitchen of strong traditional roots, using for it good quality ingredients, coming mostly from the surroundings of the town.

Unodeocho is another place to consider for lunch in Archidona; its cuisine, which is the result of a mixture of classicism with modernity, is one of its strengths next to its location and its terrace.

Mesón La Carbonería is a classic establishment specializing in grilled cuisine and other classic recipes from the kitchens of Malaga and Archdiocese.

comer archidona restaurante arxiduna
Restaurante Arxiduna
comer archidona restaurante vinas
Restaurante Las Viñas

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