Eating in Almonte and El Rocío

Eating in Almonte and El Rocío

Settled next to the Doñana National Park, the town of Almonte hosts the famous village of El Rocío, a Marian shrine to which thousands of people make their pilgrimages each year. Both locations offer you a wide variety of products from the land and great gastronomic wealth. Eating in Almonte and El Rocío will allow you to taste the authentic cuisine of Huelva.

At lunchtime in Almonte and El Rocío, agricultural products make up the most classic recipes, such as salmorejo. You can enjoy other spoon dishes, among which the fish soup and the famous “caldito rociero”, made with salted bones of spine and ready to restore vitality after the adventure of the pilgrimage. Taste the tasty dishes of lamb, both in stew, stew or chops; and do not miss the meat of the mostrenca breed. Accompany these delicacies with a bit of “hallulla” (a type of white bread) and water it with a good Vino Condado de Huelva with D.O. Discover the beauty of this town and visit one of its best-known tourist centers, Matalascañas, where tapas on the beach are guaranteed. And to put the finishing touch at lunchtime in Almonte and El Rocío, try the delicious traditional sweets of the area, such as the poleás (variant of porridge made with a touch of cinnamon and honey) or the alfajores, cylinders of Almond paste In addition to these culinary varieties, we invite you to try the rich Vinagre del Condado de Huelva with D.O.P. that will appear in some recipes filling them with flavor.

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alfajor malaga

If you want to eat tapas in Almonte, we recommend that you go to El Coto, located near the Town Hall. The food is of quality and the treatment excellent. Another option where to eat in Almonte is the one that was missing.

To eat at El Rocío our favorite bar is El Pocito. The location is excellent and has a large terrace to enjoy the abundant portions.

comer almonte rocio bar faltaba
Bar El que faltaba
comer almonte rocio coto
El Coto
comer almonte rocio pocito
El Pocito

There are numerous options where to eat in Almonte and in the village El Rocío. El Tamborilero restaurant is one of the most popular establishments in Almonte, a family business with traditional cuisine that prepares good Huelva-style recipes with local products.

On the outskirts of the town is the restaurant El Pastorcito, a classic at lunchtime in Almonte. His kitchen works with fish and seafood from the coast of Huelva and products from local gardens and livestock.

Already in the village of El Rocío, Toruño restaurant specializes in meat and fish from the area. It has high-capacity rooms, perfect for holding events of different kinds or find a table without problems.

Paco Triana, located next to the marshes, is another classic restaurant in El Rocío, specializing in grilled meats and fish from the Huelva coast.

In the La Rocina restaurant a good traditional cuisine is also prepared with ingredients from the surroundings of Almonte and El Rocío; Its menu is extensive and has a good selection of wines.

comer almonte rocio rocina
Restaurante La Rocina
comer almonte rocio restaurante pastorcito
Restaurante El Pastorcito
comer almonte rocio restaurante paco triana
Restaurante Paco Triana

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