Eating in La Calahorra

Eating in La Calahorra

At the foot of the imposing peaks of the Sierra Nevada, La Calahorra stands out for its Castle-Palace, one of the first examples of Spanish Renaissance architecture. The small population is the access from the north to the region of the Alpujarras. Eating in Calahorra allows you to taste the Andalusian gastronomy in its simplest and traditional version. Do you want to know where to eat in La Calahorra?

At the foot of Sierra Nevada, the town of La Calahorra is located in a high, rugged and arid natural environment where temperatures are extreme and life requires some adaptation. To know what to eat in Calahorra, it is good to know that it is a place away from the tourist circuits, and therefore the offer is genuine and the traveler meets what the locals consume all year round, a simple kitchen and natural If you are a lover of spoon dishes, do not miss the delicious soups of chips, chicken or vegetables, classic with local flavor. Enjoy its recipes of meat and vegetables, among which the use of choto, cabrito and cerdo stands out; try the tasty sustenance, made with chorizo and ribs, or the succulent choto al ajillo, a very popular recipe in the area. Accompany these delicacies with a tapa of cheese from this area of Granada and with good crumbs, in addition to the traditional eggs in sauce. Sweeten the end of your gastronomic journey with some false eggs (sponge cake with peach) or pumpkin boladitos, desserts that will leave a mark on your palate.

choto ajillo
plato calahorra
plato tipico calahorra huevo

Next, we highlight the best tapas bars where to eat in La Calahorra. We started with the Bar Torcuato, a village bar that meets expectations. The tapas are simple but most important, abundant and at a good price. It is situated very close to the castle.

Another option where to eat in La Calahorra is La Orza de Barro, which can be summarized as good tapas, good menu and terrace highly recommended.

comer calahorra bar torcuato
Bar Torcuato
comer calahorra crepes bar orza barro
Bar La Orza de Barro

Although there are not many places to eat in La Calahorra, the quality of the typical cuisine of the mountain areas of Granada is easily seen in the local kitchen. El Castillo restaurant, inside the Zenete hostel, is one of the most popular places to eat in Calahorra. Its cuisine is inspired by the traditional recipes of the area, which have one of its strong points in meat dishes. It has up to four differentiated rooms that, due to the special capacity of some of them, are more than appropriate for the celebration of all kinds of family events or business meetings.

The restaurant Labella, located in the hotel of the same name, is another of the main establishments in the town. Its cuisine is also traditional, based on the classic recipe book of this area of Granada and prepared with the best ingredients from the surroundings. In addition, it has the facilities and the necessary means to hold banquets and varied events.

comer calahorra restaurante labella
Restaurante Labella
comer calahorra restaurante castillo
Restaurante El Castillo

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