Eating in Granada

Eating in Granada

Granada is one of the most visited cities in Spain. Its charm dazzles anyone. The Alhambra, the Albaicín, the cathedral and even the mountain tourism of Sierra Nevada and the beach in Motril make Granada a great place to go. But this city is specially famous for offering hearty tapas with every drink. Eating in Granada is a delight suitable for all palates.

Near the National Park of Sierra Nevada and full of history, the city of Granada offers you a gastronomic experience at the height of its incredible beauty. To eat in Granada you can enjoy the wide variety of spoon dishes, from which to choose will be an arduous task. You can start by tasting the classic gazpacho (or its variety of almonds) and ajoblanco, both a local delicacy made with D.O.P Poniente de Granada olive oil. In addition to this, Montes de Granada oil with D.O.P. It will also be present in many of the local dishes.

Walk through the beautiful streets of the city and soak up the taste for tapas, one of the best ways to know what to eat in Granada. Savor in “reduced version” all the delicacies that the locality offers, from the snails to the hands of pig, going through all kinds of tasty sausages, fish and local products.

Try to water all this culinary experience with the wine with D.O. Granada, perfect to accompany some good beans with ham, a classic at lunchtime in Granada, with permission from the famous San Antón pot (made with beans, beans, rice and chorizo). Put the finishing touch at the time of eating in Granada with the delicious desserts of Arab origin and the conventual confectionery products of the area. Do not miss the mostachones, the fruits in syrup or the mole eggs, a great variety for lovers of good dessert. You can also taste the great Honey of Granada and Jamón de Trevélez, products with differentiated quality prepared in the region. The feast of Corpus Christi or Holy Week can be unparalleled opportunities to enjoy the city and discover what to eat in Granada.

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Granada is a city with a great tapa tradition so thee are many places where you can enjoy these eleaborations. In all the bars of Granada they will serve you a free tapa with your drink. Borsalino is one od the most famous bars where to eat a lot and cheap. Also Los Diamantes which great afluence proves the quality of its tapas that use to be of seafood or fish. Another option is Ávila that offers the perfect combination of red wine and delicious tapas. Lastly, we recommend Sant Germain, a different place with a cozy and quiet terrace. Its service is very attentive and nice, every day with the drink they serve a tapa.

comer granada borsalino
comer granada diamantes
Los Diamantes
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Sant Germain

There are meny options for eating in Granada, a city that can boast of a very active life in its bars and restaurants.

The restaurant Arriaga is an attractive place located 60 meters high inside the museum Memoria de Andalucía. The basis of its cuisine are Basque but with elements from the traditional cuisine from Andalucía.

The restaurant La Fábula is another classic for eating in Granada. It offers an attractive and creative menu.

In Sibarius you can enjoy very good food elaborated with fresh ingredients and combined with contemporary techniques.

The cuisine with a strong essence from Granada is the base of Chikito, one of the restaurants that sum up better the gastronomic essence of the city.

The restaurant Las Tinajas is another reference point to eat in Granada. Its cuisine follows the traditional Granada style, but with a touch of modernity and sophistication; The products used are fresh and from the ground.

The restaurant El Claustro offers a haute cuisine experience with its careful market cuisine made with quality products. It has the means and facilities to celebrate all kinds of events.

If what you are looking for to eat in Granada is good seafood, Cunini is one of the most reputable seafood restaurants in the town. Its product, from both the Andalusian and Cantabrian coasts, is always fresh and of the best quality.

If what you are looking for is a place where, for your ability, find a free table or celebrate a wedding or any other event, Granada has several appropriate places such as the restaurant Pilar del Toro, Catering Velázquez or Panoramic 360, the first revolving restaurant in Spain.

comer granada restaurante sibarius
Restaurante Sibarius
comer granada restaurante chikito
Restaurante Chikito

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