Eating in Priego de Córdoba

Eating in Priego de Córdoba

At the foot of Pico de La Tiñosa stands this town in Spain that rebelled against the Cordoba emirate. Endowed with springs, the gastronomy of this town combines local products with very elaborate recipes. In addition, there are a variety of restaurants and bars to choose from where to eat in Priego de Córdoba.

To choose what to eat in Priego de Córdoba to the local style should be understood what are the products grown in the area: olive, wheat, oats, vegetables and legumes, mainly. They eat more traditional Andalusian spoon dishes, such as gazpachuelo and salmorejo (which is also taken as a side dish of small game dishes, such as rabbit) and try the famous sobrehusa, a stew from this area made from beans and blood sausage.

A typical local dish is the scrambled of campings; These are an edible plant that is collected in the fields and that the restaurateurs usually accompany with white prawns, all washed down with the Denomination of Origin Priego de Córdoba Olive Oil, considered one of the best in the world. Another dish that can be found is the delicious pintarroja soup. Among the meat dishes and also on the tapa, as in many other localities inland, it is possible to find the loin with the orza and the cabrito al ajoarriero.

On Christmas we usually offer turkey with almonds. One of the most traditional sweets of Priego is the turrolate (“nougat and chocolate”), a cylindrical bar of cocoa and almonds. The porridge or the quince are some of the desserts that will help you sweeten the farewell. After eating in Priego de Córdoba it is customary to have a good arrosoli, a classic drink made with coffee, anise and cinnamon.

In El Postigo Croquetry, what do you think you will find? You are right! Varied and tasty croquettes like pumpkin croquettes with goat cheese and zucchini with shrimp. They also have other rations and tapas such as the revolt of collejas.

Another place with such good reputation as the previous one is the Morales bar. Here the rations are presented in quantity, like the fried anchovies. They also offer a portion of roasted ham, both with garlic … Andalusian quality cuisine.

The specialty of Los Faroles is its giant flamenquín, perfect to share with your friends and family.

There are many options of places to eat in Priego de Córdoba. Among them, the restaurant El Rincón del Adarve is one of the most famous establishments in the town. With excellent views of the Cordoba mountain range, its cuisine is presented as traditional, but with hints of contemporary elements and techniques. The meats here are prepared with care,resulting in juicy and tender meats.

La Pianola Casa Pepe is another of the classic establishments to eat at in Priego de Córdoba; It stands out for its traditional cooking, homemade and well-prepared, as well as for its service and its good prices. The delicious French toast is a must-try for dessert.

The restaurant La Muralla offers grilled meats as a fundamental part of the gastronomy it has to offer. It also has other traditional dishes, some cooked in a wood-fired oven. They also have squid and octopus dishes, among others.

In the center of the town, next to the Arab castle, is the Califato restaurant, which also has a menu based on the classic cuisine of the area.

The good seafood is also an option when eating in Priego de Córdoba thanks to the restaurant La Ribera, which offers fresh products that are of a great quality.

Just 5 kilometers from the locality, is Cortijo la Mayora, a space that specializes in celebrations of all kinds, with ample halls and a quality array of food from this delicious gastronomy for its clients.

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