Eating in Conil de la Frontera

Eating in Conil de la Frontera

Due to the strong development of tourism in the area, Conil de la Frontera has ended up being configured as one of the main centers of sun and beach on the coast of Cadiz. The town of the white houses has an enviable natural environment, an extensive promenade that in summer is full of hippy stalls and a lively atmosphere. The hotel options are wide, come and discover with us the best options for eating in Conil.

Eating in Conil de la Frontera is synonymous with discovering a rich cuisine, varied and full of peculiarities. Thanks to the proximity of the sea, several fish and seafood such as bluefin tuna, sea bream, sole, urta, Norway lobster, cañaílla, or prawn are very popular in the kitchens of this Cadiz town. Beyond these fish the most typical thing to eat in Conil and throughout the province of Cádiz is the bienmesabe, a popular recipe that consists of marinating the dogfish seasoned with vinegar to fry it next. The piriñaca, a chopped green pepper, tomato and onion is also very well appreciated when eating in Conil de Frontera, especially to accompany some fish such as mackerel.

From the rich Andalusian and Cadiz gastronomic imaginary, in this town it is possible to find dishes such as gazpacho, snails, shrimp tortillitas, pork loin in butter color or all kinds of traditional sausages from the mountains of the interior of the province. And what about meat to the bull, meat in Cadiz sauce.

The influence of the Arab culture can be seen in some of the main representatives of local pastry: alfajores, pestiños and other similar products highly recommended to finish eating in Conil de la Frontera.

cazon conil
caracoles alaitza

There are so many options to go eating tapas in Conil but we are must choose only a few. First, to eat in Conil we recommend the Light Bar. It has an outdoor terrace with Andalusian touches like the typical pots on the wall, perfect to enjoy the sun and the Cadiz wind. Ole Tapas, a local Andalusian of pure strain and not only by name, serve good and cheap tapas and highlights the friendly and attentive service. In addition, it is a little further away from the downtown area so you can eat in Conil quietly. Finally, the Mercado, a small place but with good cuisine. It combines tradition and innovation and highlights its boletus croquettes.

comer conil frontera bar ligero
Bar Ligero
comer conil frontera restaurante ole tapas
Restaurante Ole Tapas
comer conil frontera bar mercado
Bar El Mercado

There is a wide variety of places for eating in Conil de la Frontera. El Roqueo is a restaurant that offers a wide selection of fish, meat and rice in a traditional atmosphere at a short distance from the beach.

Located on the beach of the same name, La Fontanilla is a very popular restaurant to eat in Conil de la Frontera thanks to a traditional offer specializing in products from the sea and purchased in nearby markets among which some stand out as tuna almadraba .

Venta Melchor is a restaurant with a traditional aspect and a long professional career that offers a careful and classic-looking cuisine specializing in recipes based on all kinds of products of proven quality and local origin, especially from the orchards and the coast of Conil.

Another restaurant to consider in Conil de la Frontera is El Rezón, which has a menu where avant-garde cuisine is masterfully mixed with local tradition to give shape to colorful, appetizing and tasty dishes.

comer pescadito conil frontera roqueo
Restaurante El Roqueo
comer conil frontera restaurante fontanilla
Restaurante La Fontanilla
comer conil frontera restaurante rezon
Restaurante El Rezón

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