Eating in Chipiona

Eating in Chipiona

The lighthouse on the coast of Chipiona tells us the essence of the fishing village of this town. Known for its fantastic beaches and an interesting promenade as well as for the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Regla. And how not to link Chipiona to the “biggest”, Rocío Jurado, who took the name of this town to many corners of Spain and the world. Do you want to know the best options for eating in Chipiona? The atmosphere of bars you will love.

In the famous town of Chipiona you will discover the magic of Andalusia reflected in its dishes. What you have to eat in Chipiona is very linked to its coast and its climatic conditions. On the one hand, you will be able to enjoy fried fish and seafood stews, among which stand out the roasted mackerel or shrimp in sauce, as well as other fish and seafood such as sole, sea bream, turbot, cuttlefish, corvina, etc. From the land you will be able to discover a myriad of products from the garden with an excellent quality: cauliflowers, tomatoes and carrots that will be companions in many of the dishes of this municipality. At the same time it is worth mentioning the variety of fruits such as watermelon, melon, oranges, lemons and especially the muscatel grape that gives rise to the famous Muscat wine of Chipiona. In addition to this wine you can taste the Sherry Wine or the Manzanilla Wine – Sanlúcar de Barrameda, both with D.O.P., which you will find in the bars and restaurants of the area. Another of the products that comes from these lands is the Sherry Vinegar with D.O.P. To finish eating in Chipiona, you can try their most typical sweets: tocino de cielo, churros and turrón or homemade torrijas in their season.

sandia chipiona
sardinas chipiona

A cool drink and a tapa can be the perfect companions in your visit to Chipiona. And what better if you are also on a terrace overlooking the beach. You can find this at Bar Tumi, located on the seafront. Another optionfor eating in Chipiona, is the Bar Los Madriles to enjoy the fried fish. In the same street as the previous one is Casa Laura where the rations are plentiful and at a good price, perfect to share with the family. They serve seafood and many other things.

comer chipiona bar tumi
Bar Tumi
comer pescaito frito chipiona bar madriles
Bar Los Madriles
comer pescaito frito chipiona casa laura
Casa Laura

The optionsfor eating in Chipiona are multiple and of high quality, with a cuisine strongly rooted in the seafaring tradition of the towns of the Bay of Cádiz.

Casa Paco is one of the most popular establishments in the town; his specialty is fish and, especially, seafood. It has several different environments between tables and bar where you can enjoy your kitchen in the form of tapas.

Las Canteras also serves all kinds of fish and seafood from the area. Its recipe book is completed with traditional dishes and a wide range of pizzas.

La Manuela is an attractive establishment to eat in Chipiona that combines a good location and decoration with a traditional kitchen and quality.

A few kilometers from Chipiona, in the direction of Rota, is the Fifth Pine, a hotel-restaurant of good treatment and service that presents a menu based mainly on fish and seafood.

Another classic to eat in Chipiona is La Pañoleta, which has a long history behind them, elaborating all kinds of dishes cut by tradition and the ingredients of the area. To its kitchen it is necessary to add the attraction of having all the necessary means and the capacity to celebrate all kinds of events, which also makes it a place where it is possible to find a table with ease.

comer gambas chipiona restaurante casa paco
Restaurante Casa Paco
comer pescado chipiona canteras
Restaurante Las Canteras
comer panoleta chipiona manuela
Restaurante La Manuela

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