Eating in Castellar de la Frontera

Eating in Castellar de la Frontera

At the top of a steep cliff is the citadel of Castellar Viejo, an irreducible border fortress of the Nasrids of Granada. Considered one of the most beautiful places in the province, it is currently a unique tourist center and a community of artisans from all over the world. Do you want to know where to eat in Castellar de la Frontera?

When eating in Castellar de la Frontera we find a gastronomy very linked to the land. On the one hand different types of fruits and vegetables such as oranges and asparragus. On the other hand, another important product are the mushrooms which will be the protagonists of the area. You will find boletus, chantarelas, níscalos… they will be the protagonists of the main dishes of the area. The micologic days are one of the best moments to enjoy them. You will find great spoon dishes like garlic soup or the typical sparkling soup, very famous in this municipality. To continue with this gastronomic tour you can taste some of the dishes of big and small game. Most of these will be stews and stews highlighting the rabbit with garlic or tomato and the deer stew. In addition, you will find other dishes featuring deer meat, roe deer, fallow deer, partridge or wild boar. As a dessert you can enjoy the typical sweets of the area such as borrachones or oil cakes.

carne castellar frontera
conejo castellar frontera
boletus rascafria

In the restaurant-tapería El Bodegón an innovative but classic-based cuisine is prepared; It is more oriented towards the kitchen in miniature, either in the form of tapas or rations. Another option where to eat in Castellar is El Molino, a bar next to the previous located in a square without traffic and near a park which makes it perfect to go with children. The meat and the variety of tapas stand out. Finally, El Jolu for tapas at an affordable price.

comer castellar frontera bar molino
Bar El Molino
comer castellar frontera bar jolu
Bar El Jolu
comer castellar frontera bar bodegon
Bar El Bodegón

The options to eat in Castellar de la Frontera are linked to local products and dishes based on the traditional recipes of this area of Cadiz. Castellar restaurant has a menu where local products are the basis for the elaboration of an extensive recipe based on the culinary culture of Cadiz.

Another classic place to eat in castellar de la Frontera is the restaurant La Gañanía, located a few kilometers from the town on the grounds of the natural park of Los Alcornocales; The natural environment that surrounds it is the main basis of its ingredients. Its facilities also have the size and means to organize celebratory banquets for all kinds of events.

Finally, to eat in Castellar we recommend Virgiles another recommended establishment in the town; its cuisine, also native, and a good relationship between quality and price are the basis of its success.

comer castellar frontera restaurante virgiles
Restaurante Virgiles

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