Eating in Cádiz

Eating in Cádiz

Cádiz, the little silver cup, is one of the most complete tourist destinations. This beautiful city will surprise you as much for its historic center and its gardens as for its beaches. Cádiz also has an important port, so sea products will be very present at the table. Eating in Cádiz is synonymous with quality, friendly service and good prices.

Eating in Cádiz is to enjoy the best cuisine of Andalusian tradition. In Cádiz you will find traditional stews of the region together with a combination of dishes with fish and seafood. If you are a lover of spoon dishes you can have the pleasure of eating in Cádiz, in an unbeatable atmosphere, a puchero with its pringá (meat, bacon and sausages), stews with beans or lentils with rice. You will discover the introduction of seafood products in these stews, including fish meatballs, mackerel with babetas (noodles) or encebollao tuna. But if you prefer to taste these fish alone and enjoy its unique flavor, fried fish, squid, baby squid or squid, are the perfect choice. You will also find at the time of eating in Cádiz a great offer of seafood in the municipality, such as prawns, crayfish, prawns, lobsters, etc. Another gastronomic option to eat in Cádiz is the shrimp omelette, famous throughout the province. You can also discover in the area the excellent D.O.P. Sierra de Cádiz oil. To finish you should try some of the sweets such as pestiños or tocinos de cielo.

guiso cadiz
pescaito frito chiclana
tortillita camarones

There are many and very good tapas bars where to eat in Cádiz. First of all, we recommend the Malagueño located in a little street next to the Cathedral. To be a central place the prices are correct, according to the quality of the tapas. These are homemade and highlight their famous meatballs or sausages with wine.

Another option where to eat in Cadiz is the Laurel, a very central place where there are tapas for all tastes.

The Sopranis restaurant has the Sopranis Corner, a corner where you can enjoy its cuisine in the form of tapas, an option also highly recommended for dining in Cádiz. Their tapas are a tribute to those that were served in the Cadiz of the 80s; dobladillos (tomato montadito, mayonnaise and mackerel), hake pavements, author’s salads and other fritters, miniburgers …

If you like to contemplate some beautiful views, stop by Quilla located right in front of the Playa de la Caleta. It has become one of the essentials for its environment and offer. It is good to share dishes and has one of the most careful wine lists of the entire Bay of Cádiz.

comer gambas cadiz quilla
comer cadiz laurel
El Laurel
comer merluza cadiz sopranis

There are numerous options for eating in Cádiz, one of the most touristic cities of Andalusia.

The restaurant El Faro is one of the emblematic places of the town. Its cuisine is traditional and the ingredients that it uses first quality; It also offers several menus and has several independent spaces where large groups can be accommodated.

Another reference at the time of eating in Cádiz is Sopranis, which combines tradition and modernity to offer a market cuisine, always of quality and with an eye on the freshest products.

The Royalty Café was decades ago the main meeting point for intellectuals and artists from Cadiz; nowadays it preserves its sumptuous decoration and shows a traditional culinary offer elaborated with the best products from the bay and the land of Cádiz.

You can also go eating in Cádiz at the Balandro restaurant whose cuisine drinks from the Mediterranean gastronomic essence and has several large capacity rooms where you can find a safe table or hold events, as well as a privileged location.

The innovative gastronomic proposal of the Axturi restaurant is based on mixing the essence of the cuisine of the Basque Country and Andalusia in the same kitchen, two regions that have a different but attractive gastronomic tradition in equal parts and that come together here.

comer cadiz restaurante faro
Restaurante El Faro
comer cadiz restaurante balandro
Restaurante Balandro
comer cadiz restaurante axturi
Restaurante Axturi

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